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The Lucrative World of Defense Contractors

The Lucrative World of Defense Contractors: Wedtech Business Scandal - Stocks, Law Firms (1990)

The Wedtech Scandal was the name of an American political scandal that came to light in 1986 involving the Wedtech Corporation.

The company had been founded in Bronx County, New York by a Puerto Rican named John Mariotta, and originally manufactured baby carriages. But after a number of years, Mariotta brought in a partner, Fred Neuberger, and began focusing on winning small business set-aside contracts for the Department of Defense.

As a major employer in a depressed part of New York City Wedtech enjoyed a strong local reputation, and was even praised by then U.S. President Ronald Reagan for the jobs it provided for those who might otherwise be forced onto welfare rolls. Mariotta was praised as the Small Business Owner of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Wedtech had won many of its defense contracts without competitive bidding under a Small Business Administration program that gave preference to minority-owned businesses, despite the fact that Fred Neuberger, not a member of any minority, owned a majority of the company's stock, thus disqualifying Wedtech as a minority-owned business. To keep Neuberger's controlling ownership secret, the company committed fraud, forging papers that claimed Mariotta was still the primary owner of the company.

When Wedtech went public, it gave shares of stock to law firms (as payment for legal services), including Squadron, Ellenoff, Plesent & Sheinfeld. Some of the law firms employed members or relatives of members of the U.S. House of Representatives, including Bronx Congressmen Mario Biaggi and Robert Garcia. Both would later be forced to resign their seats due to their roles in the scandal and were subsequently jailed, as were State Senators Clarence Mitchell III and Michael Mitchell of Maryland. With undisclosed holdings in Wedtech, they used their positions to help Wedtech win federal work.

Another key figure in the scandal was Paul Castellano's first cousin, Maj. General Vito Castellano who occupied key capitol positions in Albany, such as the former commander of the New York National Guard and Governor Cuomo's former chief of staff. Vito Castellano pleaded guilty to state charges of tax evasion in connection with payments from the Wedtech Corporation. Indicted on charges of bribing Mr. Castellano was Bernard C. Ehrlich, whom Castellano had promoted to commanding officer of the 42d Infantry Division of the National Guard.

Wedtech then began extending its reach to the White House, utilizing President Reagan's press secretary, Lyn Nofziger, to contact public liaison officer (and future Senator) Elizabeth Dole. Through Dole, Wedtech won a $32 million contract to produce small engines for the United States Army. This was only the first of many no-bid deals that eventually totaled $250 million.

By the final years of Reagan's second term, Wedtech's crimes had become too numerous to hide. An independent counsel was appointed by Congress, which later charged Attorney General Edwin Meese with complicity in the scandal (his close friend had worked as a lobbyist for the company and sought help from Meese on Wedtech contract matters). While Meese was never convicted of any wrongdoing, he resigned in 1988 when the independent counsel delivered the report on Wedtech. The independent counsel McKay never prosecuted or sought indictment of Meese, but in his official report, which is still confidential, he was highly critical of Meese's ethics and urged further investigation of Meese's role in that scandal and others (such as Meese's efforts to help Bechtel Corporation build an oil pipeline for Sadam Hussain's Iraq).
In all, more than 20 state, local, and federal government officials were convicted of crimes in connection to the scandal. Some of these convictions, however, were reversed on appeal in 1991 when it was found that Anthony Guariglia, former Wedtech president and a star government witness, had committed perjury, and that the prosecutors had reason to know he was committing perjury. Guariglia had been convicted of lying about stopping his compulsive gambling, and an appeals court found that the jury would have likely discredited his testimony if it had known about the perjury.

The Dark Side of Asian America & Political Correctness -- Darrell Hamamoto

Darrell Y. Hamamoto is a professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis. He is a recognized authority on US popular culture and mass media, having written extensively in the field including Nervous Laughter: Television Situation Comedy and Liberal Democratic Ideology and Monitored Peril: Asian Americans and the Politics of TV Representation. Professor Hamamoto is also writing a handbook directed to college and university-age youth disillusioned with academic orthodoxy and political correctness titled New World Order Theory For Students. We'll discuss his new book, Servitors of Empire: Studies In the Dark Side of Asian America, which confounds the conventional academic wisdom concerning race, ethnicity, and social class in contemporary US politics, culture, and society. Darrell will discuss the massive importation of specialized Asian scientists and engineers into the US, assigned to build the technetronic infrastructure for the new world order command and control system. He explains how highly trained knowledge workers are being employed to bring sovereign nations such as the United States under centralized rule made possible through advances in bioscience, IT, engineering, and global finance. In the second hour, Darrell tells us about his challenges as a professor at UCD, University of California Davis since the school board along with student informants step in line with political correctness and the globalist agenda. He'll tell us about the occult history of UCD and the force that binds it together. Then, we'll discuss the controversy regarding how immigrants and LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered) communities are being used as a political weapon for the New World Order's agenda. Later, we discuss cultural Marxism and the future of America. At the end, we speak about Yamashita's gold and the secret funding of politics via a large black budget.

Mike Howard -- The Alex Jones Show(Commercial Free VIDEO) Wednesday May 21 2014

On this Wednesday, May 21 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the unfolding drama and political time bomb that is the Veterans Administration scandal. As reports, a new scandal within a scandal has appeared as a VA supervisor states older vets should be shot in the head to save the government money. Alex also covers more evidence the Obama administration considers opponents as not mere dissenters but dangerous enemies of the state. On today's broadcast Alex talks with Mike Howard, KnoxTalkRadio host of "The Rude Awakening." Mike Howard has a diverse background as an actor, comedian, entertainer, and public speaker. Alex takes a look at the latest breaking news and other important national and international developments on today's show.

ALERT -- China Arrests Ex-CEO of JPMorgan In Hong Kong
Fang Fang, former chief executive officer for JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)’s China investment bank, was arrested by Hong Kong’s anti-graft agency, Caixin reported, citing two people it didn’t identify.

The banker is out on bail after he was released by the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the magazine said, without disclosing when Fang was taken in for questioning. He’s restricted from leaving Hong Kong, it said. The arrest may be linked with probes into banks’ hiring practices, Caixin said.

Fang, a 12-year veteran of JPMorgan, resigned from the New York-based firm in March, according to an internal memo obtained by Bloomberg News at the time. His departure came amid a U.S. investigation into whether the firm employed people in Asia so that their relatives in government would steer business to the bank, people with knowledge of the probes have said.

Israel is preparing for war Iran Nuclear threat countdown to Armageddon -- May 21 2014

Breaking News Tzachi Hanegbi -- a close, trusted, long-time personal friend and confidante of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -- made remarks at a security conference in Tel Aviv that did not make news in the USA But they should have.

Hanegbi explained that the time for sanctions and diplomacy and covert options to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat is over, and the time for Israel to use it's military option has come.

Hanegbi formerly served as the Minister of Intelligence and as Justice Minister in previous governments. He is currently a Member of Knesset (Likud).

"Israel has to act according to its own imperatives," he said.

Given how close Hanegbi and Netanyahu are -- and given how sensitive the current moment is -- it is difficult to believe Hanegbi spoke without knowing the Prime Minister's mind, and without having his blessing to make such ominous remarks.

Consider other indicators that an Israeli first strike may be increasingly close at hand:

Netanyahu and his inner circle are watching how Iran has been accelerating its building of uranium centrifuges, expanding its nuclear facilities, and possibly building secret new facilities. President Obama is doing nothing after the Assad regime in Syria crossed the Obama "red line" by using chemical weapons against the rebels Netanyahu and his inner circle are watching how President Obama is doing nothing to stop North Korea from building -- and testing -- nuclear warheads and the ballistic missiles to deliver them. Netanyahu are his inner circle are watching how President Obama has pulled U.S. military assets out of the Persian Gulf region, claiming budget cutbacks.

All this suggests the Netanyahu team believes it is all alone to deal with the Iran problem.

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu Address to United Nations on Iran and Radical Islam Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu Iran Nuclear bomb stage 2 REDLINE by Spring 2013 then weeks to have Nuclear Bomb - North Korea just tested a nuclear warhead with Iranian nuclear officials present, and the two countries may be working hand in glove to get Iran ready to build and deploy The Bomb.

A top former Israeli military official said publicly a preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities would be a "one night operation."

concerning Iran. US Officials who have long been hesitant about the use of military force against Iran are now reluctantly suggesting it may not be possible to avoid war after all.

Vice President Biden, Secretary Kerry, and the Commander of CENTCOM -- as well as Henry Kissinger, Dennis Ross and Elliot Abrams, and this is what you will hear:

The nuclear crisis with Iran is coming to a head.
Diplomacy and sanctions have not succeeded and may have run their course.
The Iranians are not making concessions.
Instead, Tehran is accelerating its nuclear efforts and is dangerously close to building nuclear warheads.

Obama Admin to Release Memo Justifying Drone Killings of Americans Overseas

Facing Senate Uproar, Obama Admin to Release Memo Justifying Drone Killings of Americans Overseas

The Obama administration says it will release the secret government memo that authorizes the killings of Americans overseas. A federal appeals court ordered the memo's disclosure last month following a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union and The New York Times seeking the drone strikes' legal basis. The lawsuit came after the U.S. killed the American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, his 16-year-old son Abdulrahman, and Samir Khan in Yemen, despite having never charged any of them with a crime. The White House decided not to appeal the ruling after several Senators vowed to hold up a judicial nomination of the memo's author, David Barron. But the memo's release will be delayed as the administration redacts extensive portions it says contain classified information. We get reaction from Scott Horton, a human rights attorney and contributing editor at Harper's Magazine.

ALERT -- Russia And China Strategically Position Themselves Against The Dollar

Italian bad loans surge to all time highs. Europeans who hold full time work are poor and cannot make ends meet. The retail industry in the US is in full decline. The weather is not a factor in retail sales. Common core is collected massive amount of data from students and being sold to corporations. Russia and China signed the gas deal, they also signed another deal that will bypass the US dollar for all transactions. Russia and China are moving closer together militarily and financially. Jordan/US and many other nations are holding exercises along the border of Syria until June 8. The Syrian elections are June 3, be prepared for an event.

Ukraine CONSPIRACY Revealed in Gas Pipeline!

Biden Supports Building Cross-Border Gas Pipeline - in Eastern Europe
Son of U.S. Vice President Biden Joins Ukraine Gas Company
Burisma owns several Ukrainian oil and gas companies,

A CONSPIRACY is beginning to unfold in the Ukraine right now. It has been revealed that Joe Biden's son is now on the board of directors for a Ukrainian gas and oil company. It was also revealed in plain sight that Joe Biden publicly supports the pipelines in Eastern Europe.

Ultimately, the goal of this is a takeover not just of the resources of the Ukraine, but a takeover of their sovereignty.

Death of Petro Dollar -- What the China-Russia Gas Deal Means

Beijing and Moscow signed a contract to supply China with hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Russian natural gas after a decade of difficult talks. Andrew Peaple explains what this means for the European energy market and the crisis in Ukraine. Photo: Getty

Wayne Root : Will Conservatives Soon Be Sent to Re-Education Camps?

Have we traded one prejudice and civil rights violation for another? Many Americans were offended by Michael Sam's publicly caressing and kissing his boyfriend on national TV after Sam learned he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams. If it's called "progress" and a sign of "freedom" that two men can openly kiss on national TV, what is it called when someone offended by that same kiss is fined and suspended from his job? Is that progress? Is that free speech?

Wayne Allyn Root is a well-known Las Vegas oddsmaker with one of the most accurate ever records of predicting political races. In fact, correct prognostications earned him a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars.
The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: How to Survive, Thrive, and Prosper During Obamageddon

Wikipedia : Wayne Allyn Root (born July 20, 1961) is an American politician, entrepreneur, television and radio personality, author and political commentator. He was the 2008 Libertarian Party vice-presidential nominee. Root began his career as a professional sports handicapper, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. His political talk radio show, W.A.R: The Wayne Allyn Root Showis broadcast in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. Root is a frequent guest on several nationally syndicated radio shows such as Savage Nation, The Jerry Doyle Show, and Mancow's Morning Madhouse. He has also made numerous appearances on various programs on the Fox News Channel. He is a frequent speaker at Tea Party events across the United
Wayne Root

Wayne Root

States.[3] Root's political columns appear in the Las Vegas Review Journal[4] and at[5] At the 2008 Libertarian National Convention, Root was eliminated on the fifth ballot in a bid for the presidential nomination, and subsequently became the vice presidential candidate alongside Libertarian nominee Bob Barr. Root lost a bid to become National Chair of the Libertarian Party at the party's 2010 Convention. In 2012, Root left the Libertarian Party, and rejoined the Republican Party, endorsing Mitt Romney for President.

Internet Kill Plan Uncovered

10 Ways They Plan To Kill The Internet

The Internet has emerged as the most empowering tool of individual freedom since the Gutenberg's press, affording billions of people worldwide not only the tool of instant communication, but access to a wealth of liberating information, freedom from the chains of received consensus, and the opportunity to become their own media platform.

This represents an ever increasing threat to the status quo of the elite, which is why the establishment is working feverishly to dismantle the freedom granted by the world wide web in its current form.

Obama's $6 Trillion Budget Deficits

Obama lies about cutting U.S. Budget Deficit in half.

What else can you expect from someone (as well as his insignificant other) who have spent their entire lives at the trough of government affirmative action programs. As someone who has never held a productive job, never managed any type of business, and never served in this country's Armed Forces, 'Willey Wonka is magically elected (??) to the position of POTUS, where he fails miserably at every turn. In his worldly view as a former community organizer, wealth must be 'redistributed' to the lame and lazy, who like him, feels that they have been cheated in life's lottery. Rather than work for their existence, they feel they are somehow 'owed', somehow 'entitled' to the rewards that others have 'earned'. Money magically appears (in their minds) as manna from heaven, no accountability, effort, or personal responsibility required. With the mindset, 'you owe me', as well as 'I am entitled to' is it any wonder that the man with the plan, the master of disaster, is pushing this country toward financial ruin??? Another thought, is George Soros's financial wealth behind the 'fool on parade'???

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