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Robert Murphy -- How the Private Bankers Are Using the Financial Crisis to Reshape World Government

Archived from the live broadcast, this lecture was presented by Robert P. Murphy at the Mises Circle in Houston on 14 January 2012.
The steam is definitely running out of the Great Ponzi Scheme. The huge difference between '29 and today is we're not sitting on massively cheap natural resources or new factories just waiting to be put to use. You're spot-on regarding how further QE tightening will affect global markets (and blow back on the US). In my wife's native Venezuela, last month's slight QE pull back caused their currency to devalue 40% overnight. This two weeks after their government announced no plans to adjust their exchange rate for 2014. People don't realize how inter-dependent all the markets are at this point. Rest assured, any sudden crash to the DOW will be claimed as "completely unexpected" and "impossible to have predicted". The rest of us know better. We're gonna get hammered. Only those holding physical assets will do well in the coming crash. Heaven help folks with the bulk of their wealth sitting in some IRA or the market.

Illuminati agent, Bernanke put the American Economy on the Guillotine, raised the blade, tied off the rope. He did all the prep work for the destruction of America entire financial system. Yellen will be the trigger for the financial collapse, which the Criminal FED will instigate ( by stealth of course). And Yellen (agent of the Illuminati) will "cut the rope" and cut off the head of the American Economy. That's her role. How? By driving up interest rates on a failing economy, which is in NO way getting any better. They're only driving up Asset Prices for the Wealthy. The rest of will be eating dogs before long to stay alive, and these CRIMINAL BANKERS damn well know it. Nothing happens on the world's financial/economic stage that is NOT precisely manipulated to happen exactly as it does. And that's been true for centuries. The Criminal Illuminati leave little to chance. Both Bernanke & Yellen are Illuminati agents running the Illuminati's Federal Reserve, which they created, own & operate to their advantage over everyone else. Criminal Bankers are the Scum of the Earth.

Harley Schlanger - LaRouche says "WWIII Has Already Begun" -- Dr Deagle Show 2014/02/12

Russian Influentials Cite Cuban Missile Crisis, Call for Emergency Measures to Stop Fascist Coup in Ukraine and Threat to Russia's Strategic Interests

Money is a belief system. There is no value in money, the value comes from the belief that it will help you acquire goods and services. The ultimate financial solution is to say screw it and not use money. It consumes us and removes us from the real world. Without money we wouldn't have to waste our energy on dealing with it and instead we could focus on more important matters. Without money we could focus on maximizing the wellbeing of the population while making sure we use our resources sustainably. Healthcare would be about healing. Education would be about learning and raising your level of thinking. Food would be about nourishing. We would see people who consume more than their fair share as selfish rather than successful. We would be able to enjoy life more and be free. Money is oppression. We are all slaves to it. How about we free ourselves from the invisible chains? It would create a more compassionate world, a world more willing to help each other.

The Cold War 2.0 -- Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - (2/12/14)

"The Trends Journal: Winter Edition released, how there's a new Cold War brewing & Shinzo Abe wants to revise Japan's constitution for enhancing their "defense posture". You know what that is..!"

Gerald Celente -- The Coming Currency Devaluation

What happens when there are riots and 50 percent unemployment in areas of Europe, 100 percent taxation in France to pay the bills and continuous escalating devaluations in currencies like the Venezuelan bolivar, Argentine peso and Turkish lira? Gerald Celente gives us the who, what, where, when and why.

Paul Craig Roberts -- Obama Destabilizes The Ukraine

Paul Craig Roberts boils down the destabilizing operation in the Ukraine in this two part interview.The EU is ready to "assist" Ukraine if the present government capitulates and a new regime is installed. Only then can Ukraine "pursue economic and political reforms," in other words take orders from Brussels and submit to the austerity and serfdom regimen imposed by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Alert : Sen Rand Paul (R) Sues Obama Over NSA Snooping Program - Cavuto

Sen Rand Paul (R) Sues Obama Over NSA Snooping Program - Cavuto
Rand Paul is obviously the best choice for 2016.
Why would anyone believe anything that comes out of he president, NSA, TSA, DHS, etc etc .... abolish them all!!Every Person with a cell phone should get 1 million apiece. Screw our worthless government they are the enemy of America.

Alex Jones Turns 40 -- Birthday Speech

Never one to miss an opportunity to spread the message of freedom Alex Jones had a cell phone camera present as the crew presented him with gifts and a cake for his 40th birthday. Hard to believe Alex has been on the air approaching 20 years when most radio personalities are just getting into the business at his age. Happy Birthday Alex

Paul Craig Roberts, Gerald Celente -- The Alex Jones Show(Commercial Free AUDIO) Wed. February 12 2014

On the Wednesday, February 12 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Jones breaks down the stock market's heavy reliance upon the fed's QE bond buying stimulus and easy money printing schemes, as the market reacts eerily similar to how it did right before the stock market crash of 1929 which ushered in the Great Depression. On today's show, Alex speaks with American economist and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration, Paul Craig Roberts, about how Washington funded NGOs are purposely attempting to deliver Ukraine into the clutches of the EU. Jones also discusses the very real prospect of engaging in war with China, Russia or Iran with renowned international trends forecaster and publisher of the Trends Journal, Gerald Celente. We'll also cover why it's better to be a prepper in Atlanta during a snowstorm, the possibility of coordinated attacks on the power grid, and other hot news items. We'll also take your calls on this worldwide transmission.

The State is a Parasite on Society

The state forbids murder, yet organizes murder on a colossal scale.

The state punishes theft, yet engages in the rampant looting of society's productivity through taxation at the barrel of a gun.

The state is not necessary for the survival of society, the state is a parasite on society.

The state is the ultimate anti-social, anti-society entity ever visited upon humanity.

Eric Draitser Interview on Outside The Box with Jason Liosatos

My talk with Eric Draitser, geopolitical analyst, about the battle for power and hegemony in the Middle East, with Syria being a vital conduit for gas sales, and the Wests political machinations. Eric talks about the games the imperial empires play without morals and ethics, with its allies Saudi Arabia, Nato, Israel, Qatar and the EU, with the sole purpose of exploiting oil and enriching itself to maintain the most critical region on the worlds chess board.
We also talk about Ukraine as a strategic focal point with the West trying to bring it into its fold and away from Russia. Eric also helps us understand the battleground of Africa for economic exploitation and domination, and we discuss how power and money ethically compromise governments, clouding right and wrong, with politicians resembling psychopaths selling illusions and delusions to the public.

Karen Hudes: Either We Take Back Our Gold, Our Legality, or We'll Have WWIII

Karen Hudes World Bank Whistleblower

Can we pull the world out of this economic calamity? Former World Bank Attorney Karen Hudes says, "It may be that we don't, in which case, we end up in what happened just before we went into the dark ages, when gold went into hiding . . . . We can bring this gold that belongs to humanity out of its cloak of secrecy and out of hiding or we can go back into the dark ages. And we can have pestilence and starvation. . . . Civilization breaks down. We cannot pay for our international trade. Either we take back our gold, our legality, and we tell this group that thinks it's above the law that it is not above the law, or we can kiss ourselves goodbye. Humanity will not continue, we will have World War III. Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former World Bank Attorney Karen Hudes. This video was posted with permission from

ALERT -- Facebook Fraud

Are Facebook's revenues based primarily on fraudulent activities? This video explains why increasing numbers of individuals, especially entrepreneurs and small businesses, will continue migrating from Facebook to Google+.
The US Department of State spent $630,000 to acquire 2 million page likes and then realized only 2% were engaged.

It sounds like they discovered that they couldn't generate enough legitimate revenue to support their costs and satisfy their investors. The way the organic engagement has been sabotaged by fraudulent engagement may explain why legitimate users are becoming less enamored.

Obama 's War on Whistleblowers -- U.S. Plunges in Global Press Freedom Rankings

A new survey of press freedom around the world that finds the United States has plunged 13 spots, now ranking just 46th among 180 countries. The annual survey by Reporters Without Borders also says Syria is the most dangerous country for journalists, showing a correlation between conflict zones and a low level of press freedom. Other countries that fell lower than in the previous year's survey, include the civil-war-torn Central African Republic, down 43 spots to 109, and Guatemala, where four journalists were killed last year alone. This comes as the United Nations General Assembly recently adopted its first resolution on the safety of journalists. The group has now called on the United Nations to monitor how member states meet their obligations to protect reporters. We are joined by Delphine Halgand of Reporters Without Borders.

Immigration Nation : America's Immigration Battle

Fault Lines investigates what happens to families torn apart by a broken immigration system in the United States.

Its not about immigrants its about the cartels. They've already killed people on our soil and its going to get worse if nothing is done.

A joint investigation by The Washington Monthly and The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute has found that over the past five years, U.S. border agents have shot across the border at least 10 times, killing a total of six Mexicans on Mexican soil. Investigative reporter John Carlos Frey tells Democracy Now! that the bipartisan immigration consensus in Washington could mean a "war zone" for the U.S.-Mexico border. "If we increase the border Patrol force by thousands more [and] increase militarization at the border, I think we'll have more incidents here," Frey says. "We're talking about dealing with immigration or immigrants in a militaristic way as opposed to in a human way... We have large U.S. cities along the U.S.-Mexico border that are becoming militarized, who have drones flying around in their backyards. They have border guards running up and down the border all over the place. We have thousands of armed-to the teeth guards that are aiming their weapons at Mexico. It feels like a war zone down there and I think it's going to get a little bit worse."


ALERT: Stock Chart Shows GREAT DEPRESSION May Occur! There are parallels between the statistics of the Great Depression and our current Financial Crisis. Scary 1929 market chart gains traction Opinion: If market follows the same script, trouble lies directly ahead There are eerie parallels between the stock market's recent behavior and how it behaved right before the 1929 crash.

World in 2050: Why cars, currencies are fading fast -- Jonathon Porritt

Video: World in 2050: What's ahead for business, the economy and technology Feb. 12 2014 In this animated video, Forum for the Future founder Jonathon Porritt shares his excitement at how upbeat and dynamic the world could be in 2050, if we play our cards right.

The Hon. Sir Jonathon Espie Porritt, 2nd Baronet, CBE (born 6 July 1950), is a British environmentalist and writer, perhaps best known for his championing of Green issues and his advocacy of the Green Party of England and Wales. Porritt appears frequently in the media, writing in magazines, newspapers and books, and appearing on radio and television regularly. He has also written a number of books on Green issues. His newest title, The World We Made (Alex McKay's story from 2050) was launched in October 2013.Porritt was born in London, the son of The Rt. Hon. The Lord Porritt, 11th Governor-General of New Zealand. Lord Porritt, who served as a senior officer in the Royal Army Medical Corps during World War II, was also the bronze medalist in the Olympic Chariots of Fire 100 metres race. As well as receiving a life peerage, Lord Porritt had previously been awarded a baronetcy. Jonathon Porritt is entitled to claim the baronetcy, becoming The Hon. Sir Jonathon Porritt, 2nd Baronet, but has so far declined to do so.[1] He has two daughters

Perception Deception With David Icke

Alex is joined live from the UK by David Icke about the emerging trend of Transhumanism. The globalists are selling robotic and mechanical implants to the general public as a good thing. But as Icke points out during this interview, these technologies can and will be used to limit human liberty and provide a tiny elite with unforeseen power and control.

Osama wasn't "killed" at all. He may or may not have died before the bogus "Zero Dark Fiction", but if he is dead, it wasn't at the hands of our troops. Osama bin Laden was never targeted, they just told us that on the news. Bush and bin Laden were friends and coconspirators, and Bush made sure our troops never got near bin Laden, and they never did. You're doing right by being suspicious of the government, but about 90% of the mystery is already solved. But you won't see it on the news or any mainstream outlet. You have to search for the truth on the internet.

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