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ISON & Crop Circles: "They" Knew It Was Coming! (LOOK)

Did you know......there's been multiple crop circles depicting ISON and it's journey around the Sun? Check these out from a few years back, and a couple of added surprises. Will ISON be a "big deal", a cool light show, a prophecy, or an omen? I guess we will see soon enough. Either way, "they" told us this was coming.

Iran Nuke Deal May Bring War, East China Sea Dispute May Get Hostile, Another Obama Care Delay

Most of the Sunni Arab world is not happy with the recent deal that doesn't stop Iran's nuclear program. The White House released bullet points of the deal that claimed to roll back the program and "temporarily freeze" it. Iran contradicted the White House and said the U.S. was misrepresenting what was agreed upon. In the East China Sea, things are heating up. China is claiming thousands of square miles of open ocean and the Senkaku islands. China says it has called this area an "air defense zone." Japan, South Korea and Taiwan all say parts of this region belong to them. Finally, right before Thanksgiving, the Obama Administration made another change to the Affordable Care Act. It is now delaying the small business enrollment for Obama Care for one year.


The government is holding off full disclosure and alien contact with the people as long as they can. It's a very simple observation. Be ready for disclosure soon

What SHTF WROL looks like in Tornado Alley

These are the finger of god. They suck rocks off a gravel road and drop somewhere else. I seen 55 foot box trailer thrown 1/2 mile and drop on the freeway. Nothing is safe except underground bomb shelter. The scariest ever is one wrapped in rain at night.People in this part of the country need to live in bunker-like houses!!!

COMET ISON Survives Perihelion

COMET ISON Survived Perihelion after losing brightness and apparent size just before its nearest approach of the Sun, a small portion of the comet appearing to have survived the round trip

Bill Still Report : The Chinese have dominated the Crypto-Currency Market for the last week

Still Report #134 -- Quarks & China The Chinese have dominated the crypto-currency market for the last week. Despite not being listed on a Chinese exchange, Quarks have appreciated at an unprecedented pace.

David Icke ~ Consciousness doesn't do hierarchy, religion, mind talk..

David Icke, one of the most visible, outspoken and controversial speakers and writers about the Illuminati and the New World Order control agenda,

Infowars Nightly News: Thursday (11-28-13) Jordan Maxwell , Stewart Rhodes & Ari Shaffir

On The November 28, 2013 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News, Lee Ann McAdoo Hosts & We Interview Jordan Maxwell On The Secrets Of Legalese, Stewart Rhodes Of Oath Keepers On Community Preparation Instead Of Depending On FEMA Plans, & Comedian Ari Shaffir.


Comet ISON survives but will the Earth survive the debris trail?

SHTF Illinois town turns back FEMA trucks after tornado

GLENN BECK, Illinois town turns down FEMA aid after devastating tornados .This time Illinois said "no" to FEMA
AGENDA 21. Make it harder to rebuild. That and the money was spent on other important things like camps for Americans, invasions of sovereign nations, goldman sachs..... I could go on and on. ...FEMA is crooked-they R a joke! Just like MJ said "They don't really care about us!"
shame on you fema your fired too, greedy politics thank Obama

PROPHECY ALERT: Iran 5.6 Quake Near Nuke Plant 7 Dead

Just 40 miles from the Nuke Plant at Bushehr a 5.6 Quake hits Iran as God sends a warning

The Real Story of Thanksging

So many stories in history are untold. This happened up and down the east coast. The profiteers and adventurers had no concept of sharing they only knew kill or be killed, divide and conquer. The Shawnee chief Tecumseh (one tribes of who am am descended from) made it their way to kill all white people. Thus started a horrifying war of wits and will. Unfortunately they did not prevail, since the constant influx of British, Irish and Europeans streaming in constantly pushed the tribes to their breaking point. I am a product of these wars. My people married white to survive but many were spies for the British and tried to defeat the whites or Rebels as they were called.

ELECTRICAL GRID BLACKOUT to be the Next FALSE FLAG ATTACK on the U.S.? The ELITE need another 9/11

Power grid vulnerabilities are finally garnering some attention by government officials.

An electrical grid joint drill simulation is being planned in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Thousands of utility workers, FBI agents, anti-terrorism experts, governmental agencies, and more than 150 private businesses are involved in the November power grid drill.

The downed power grid simulation will reportedly focus on both physical and cyber attacks. The antiquated electrical system in the United States has been one of the most neglected pieces of integral infrastructure.

Gun Control: 3D Printed Guns Will Be Invisible To X-ray Machines & Metal Detectors

Experts now say that anyone who has a couple of thousand dollars for a 3D printer and an internet connection can make a 3D gun, which will be invisible to X-ray machines and metal detectors. In the U.S., critics of the technology are warning it has reached a dangerous point, with federal law banning undetectable firearms set to expire in less than two weeks. 3D printing will trigger a new twist in US gun controls, but registering a printer or materials won't be effective, Technology analyst Melba Kurman told RT.

RT: Philadelphia's become the first US city to ban the unlicensed printing of 3D weapons - so does that mean they pose a serious threat to society?


Comet ISON has now reached its closest point to the Sun. The Distance should start to increase again and the speed start falling.

Hopefully, Comet ISON will have survived this close brush with the Sun so we'll be able to see it in all its glory throughout December as it heads up and over Earth at a distance of 40,000,000 miles. Thanks for your support and stay tuned.

Matt Damon : Our Problem is Civil Obedience

Matt Damon from Howard Zinn's speech: The Problem is Civil Obedience

Matt Damon, a lifelong friend of Howard Zinn and his family, read excerpts from a speech Howard Zinn gave in 1970 as part of a debate on civil disobedience.

This performance was part of "The People Speak, Live!" with Matt Damon and Lupe Fiasco at the Metro in Chicago, on January 31, 2012, produced by Voices of a People's History ( in collaboration with Louder Than a Bomb: The Chicago Youth Poetry Festival.

Here's what Howard Zinn writes about this speech in his introduction to the full piece in his book Voices of a People's History of the United States, written with Anthony Arnove and first published in 2004 by Seven Stories Press:

"In November 1970, after my arrest along with others who had engaged in a Boston protest at an army base to block soldiers from being sent to Vietnam, I flew to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore to take part in a debate with the philosopher Charles Frankel on civil disobedience. I was supposed to appear in court that day in connection with the charges resulting from the army base protest. I had a choice: show up in court and miss this opportunity to explain — and practice — my commitment to civil disobedience, or face the consequences of defying the court order by going to Baltimore. I chose to go. The next day, when I returned to Boston, I went to teach my morning class at Boston University. Two detectives were waiting outside the classroom and hauled me off to court, where I was sentenced to a few days in jail. Here is the text of my speech that night at Johns Hopkins."
Matt Damon
Matt Damon

US to relocate its Vatican Embassy to Rome

The saving is nothing, peanuts, chop change. There is a huge brand-new US embassy in Belgrade. It has 3 underground levels, 180 Americans (which department - no idea) work full-time. One wonders why so many? To protect the US Ambassador of Serbia? Yeah, Benghazi was a bad experience! You don't want to repeat that!
Citing security concerns and cost savings, the State Department announced the United States is closing its embassy in the Vatican City, and will relocate it to a building on the compound of the American Embassy to Italy in Rome. Vatican City is a sovereign city-state within the city of Rome. The relocation will save an estimated $1.4 million per year, the State Department said.

Comet ISON Date & Destiny - Will It Dive Or Survive? Could It Bring Global Pandemic?

18.37 - that's the time that ISON will be traveling at 234 miles per second as it
reaches perihelion and slingshots around the sun and back into space.

Will it sun dive or will it survive? I even take a wander into fear porn and woo-woo conspiracy land and speculate as to what the elites may use the passing of this comet as cover for. Global pandemic?

Tim Rifat on Fukushima Disaster - Jeff Rense Show 27th November 2013

Tim Rifat on Jeff Rense Show 27th November 2013

Turan (Tim) Rifat was born in Brighton in 1957. He has a university science degree and another in education. Whilst doing his Ph.D., the author decided he’d had enough of mechanistic science, so for the past 15 years he has been researching the paranormal, with the aim of developing its physics, as well as carrying out numerous workshops on healing and personal development. His research task took rather longer than imagined, and led to some unfortunate confrontations with ‘evil’ forces-MI5 being the least of these. Recently, he set up Paranormal Management Systems (PMS), the only company in Europe with expertise in biophysical RMCT that can come close to what the Russians have developed and which

outstrips the US knowledge base in the biophysical area. PMS evaluates this military-domain RMCT material and develops it in terms of its applications for business in enhancing profitability and performance. Turan Rifat offers courses and consultancy in the RV/RI field. He is currently writing a book, Remote Viewing: The Story of the Real X-Files, and is planning to follow up this article with one on ESP and telepathy, with reference also to synthetic telepathy
Fukushima Disaster
Fukushima Disaster

Gerald Celente on Economic and Military Trends Across The Globe

David Knight is joined via Skype by Gerald Celente of Trends Journal to discuss the global financial outlook and the history of Governments crashing markets to control a populace.

"This crisis will teach European politicians not to ignore Russia", says Sergei MARKOV

Sergei MARKOV, Director of the Institute of Political Studies, reacts to the political crisis happening in Ukraine, torn between two different influences, with Russia on the one side, and the European Union on the other. The political specialist says the European Union is stepping on Russia's turf by proposing to Ukraine to join the European trade agreement. And that this crisis will help the European lawmakers to fully consider Russia.


Bitcoin is not "fiat" as it does not derive its value by government decree. It is basically a free market currency, trading at the value that people believe its worth (justified or not). Sure, Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, but then again, neither does gold or silver. Valuation is completely subjective.

If you were thirsty in the middle of the desert and had an ounce of gold and I had a bottle of water, you'd gladly trade. At that moment, the water would have a higher value to you than your shiny coin. This didn't really sink in for me until Bitcoin. Does it have value? It sure does to me, being able to instantly trade across the globe and take my wealth (purchasing power) across borders effortlessly. When enough businesses are selling products and services for Bitcoin, I will have no limit like I do with a credit card and will instead have full autonomy over my wealth.

Should you be cautious? Absolutely.

Unemployment fuel UK Prescription Rise

The British 'stiff upper lip' is starting to quiver - the UK is revealed to be Europe's number one consumer of anti-depressants. A lot of the blame's being put on doctors being too happy to dish out pills. Although, as Laura Smith reports, struggling Brits do have a lot more on their minds these days.

U.S. Monitored World Leaders Communications At Toronto G20 Summit And Canadian Officials Approved It

November 27, 2013 CBC News : U.S. Monitored World Leaders Communications At Toronto G20 Summit And Canadian Officials Approved It .Now more than ever I think it reasonable to consider that these officials and their minions are hollow shells occupied and controlled by purely evil entities with a Machiavellian agenda so broad sweeping that it would make "1984" and "Brave New World" look like nursery rhymes. Megalomania, psychopathologies and sociopathologies drive them. They can see the train coming and are deluded into thinking they will be immune from whatever evil outside influences are driving them. Wasn't Richard M. Nixon impeached before resignation for similar but far less egregious crimes? This further demonstrates we live under the control of unethical, paranoid thugs that squander our resources in aims of taking all they can while simultaneously conspiring to turn all of us into slaves.

CIA is Al Qaeda - Hunt for Al Qaeda - The Al Qaeda Network

"Takedown: Inside the Hunt for Al Qaeda"is an insider account by a former high-level official at the CIA and the FBI about how both agencies substantially upgraded their counterterrorism capabilities after the U.S. government's failure to prevent al Qaeda's catastrophic attack on Sept. 11, 2001.

Underwater UFO Sightings (USOs) From Atlantis to Modern Day

A look at reports of Underwater UFOs (USOs) "Unidentified Submerged Objects", throughout history -- from the ancient legends of Atlantis, to the reports of Christopher Columbus, to modern sightings around Laguna Cartagena, Puerto Rico (a supposed USO hot bed).

"What secrets lurk in ocean depths? Are there alien forms of intelligent life that occupy the vast volumes of water that constitute our oceans, seas, and lakes? The largest of our oceans, the Pacific, covers 64,000,000 square miles and reaches a depth of 36,198 feet, a depth that no ray of sunlight ever reaches. Could these depths hide alien submarine bases?

Fukushima "No More Seafood For You" (Must See)

Depopulation in the Works NOW!
They Poison our Water, (Fluoride) They Poison or Food (Chemicals & GMO's) They Poison our Air (Chemtrails) Involve us in Wars (Everywhere) They Kill or Fish (Fukushima, 60 more plants on that soon to be destitute Island) And you doubt there's a Depopulation Agenda, Really?
This is the only issue we should be talking about


11/27/2013 - Comet ISON will be closest to the sun tomorrow on 11/28/2013. Does this have something to do with the 7 major volcano eruptions that happened this past Saturday, all within hours of each other and in 6 different countries?

Will Comet ISON Make It Around The Sun?

ISON---"DIVINE GREAT AWAKENING"..."AMBASSADOR FOR TRUTH"...The Flaming Mountain or millstone that is cast into the sea and a third of all man die?

Fun Thanksgiving Facts

Any idea how many turkeys Americans eat over the holiday? That fact and much more...

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