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Evidence: Stock Market Crash is Coming

We're getting very close to a stock market crash. In this video we go into the technical evidenceThe war is most likely going to be the trigger. This is what I have contended for a long time. If the people hadn't pushed back against the Syrian war we would already be in that conflict. Now the U.S. trying to go after Iran directly again. We'll see how that pans out. The goal is to stop the war that's coming, not treat it as an unavoidable fate.

Jim Rogers : US Government Shutdown Is Sham & Charade To Jerk Us All Around

It's been 17 years since the last time the US government partially ceased its work - but it's actually the 18th time in US history it's taking a so called 'spending gap'. In 1977, the government was shut down three times in as many months. Jim Rogers, author of Street Smarts, Adventures on the Road and in the Marketsand believes this vicious cycle is nowhere soon to end.

Betrayal Poisoning of The American Military

Betrayal Poisoning of The American Military

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "The Golden Screw!" - (9/19/13)

"The Federal Reserve to maintain stimulating, gold prices are UP despite what the "critics" are saying & the real sponsors of major news networks!"

The Truth About The Government Shutdown

The facts about the US Federal Government "shutdown" - and what is to come in the imminent debt ceiling crisis!America was not shut down properly. Would you like to start America in safe mode, with free healthcare and without the guns? (Recommended)

FocusToday 09-30-13 - Jerome Corsi, Jim Yahne, Lawrence Trumbower -

Jerome Corsi, author of "Who Really Killed Kennedy" talks about his investigation of the JFK assassination and sheds new light on what really happened, both leading up to and on the fateful day of November 22, 1963.

Jim Yahne, Founder of The Tree of Life Wilderness Expedition, explains the purpose of TLC and how it helps students deal with such problems as anger, anxiety, defiance and self-esteem.

Lawrence Trumbower of the Rock Radio Network talks about his missionary work in Puerto Rico and explains how the network reaches people for Christ and teaching them about the Bible.

The American Exceptionalism

The only thing we are exceptional at spreading debt and death!
America is only exceptional in the amount of lies and corruption we allow in our halls of power...The whole world is CORRUPT!!! Anyway u look at, we will eventually, if not sooner,will destroy one another, financially, physically and mentally and morally!!!! There will be No Way out but WW3!!! New World Order must destroy first, then control, enslave the fortunate ones who survive. Or unfortunate ones who survive. For it is written!!! Yep, I just wrote it...

The Alex Jones Show : Stewart Rhodes, Max Keiser - Monday, October 01, 2013 (Full Show)

Government shutdown; Obamacare nightmare begins Date: 10/01/2013 On the Tuesday, Oct. 1 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Alex examines how the government shutdown barely affects most peoples' daily lives, and explains why the widespread healthcare exchange glitches merely precursor the disastrous road ahead. Alex also analyzes how the scorned insurance mandate mirrors the socialist healthcare models of previous tyrannical dictatorships. On today's show, we speak with Stewart Rhodes, the founder and President of Oath Keepers, about what Secretary of State John Kerry's signing of the UN Arms Trade Treaty means for legal, law-abiding gun owners in America, and how Oath Keepers is going "operational" by forming special "civilization preservation" teams. Alex also invites former stockbroker and American broadcaster Max Keiser to break down how the world economy is on track to implode - by design.

Kevin Annett - Truth Warrior - 09-15-13 - International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

Kevin Annett on Truth Warrior with David Whitehead. Recorded on September 15th, 2013.

Barack Obama: "The Divider In Chief." His Fascist Agenda. By Gregory Mannarino

Barack Obama: "The Divider In Chief." His Fascist Agenda. By Gregory Mannarino

America's Largest Gun Shop Abruptly Dropped by Credit Card Company

Cam Edwards talks to Larry Hyatt from Hyatt Guns in Charlotte, NC

Promise & Perils of AI - Coast to Coast Am - September 30 2013

Promise & Perils of AI - September 30 2013 - Coast to Coast Am - C2CAM Date: 09-30-2013

About the show:

Inspired by his interviews with inventor Ray Kurzweil, roboticist Rodney Brooks, and sci-fi legend Arthur C. Clarke, author James Barrat was impressed by their vision of intelligent machines. He talked about how corporations and government agencies are pouring billions into developing artificial intelligence (AI), and pondered whether we can coexist with computers whose intelligence dwarfs our own. What AI has done is to put human cognition type abilities into machines, and with processors increasing in speed every year, they are growing smarter. We'll reach a milestone in the 2020s when computers are both self-aware and self-improving, and it's uncertain how that will play out, he remarked.

As we head into an artificial intelligence explosion, when "learning machines...can write their own software, and improve their own software through experience," they will eventually surpass human intelligence, he said. "Something that is marginally smarter than the average human will quickly become much, much smarter than the average human, and there's no real ceiling on that" --they could become thousands or millions of times smarter than us, he continued. This is of particular concern because it is unknown how these brilliant machines will perceive humanity-- we have the example of how humans treat animals less smarter than ourselves. "They're in cages, or zoos, or in Sea World, or they're endangered. We don't hold them in high regard...Something thousand of times smarter than we are, may not perceive that we're worth the resources we consume," he pointed out.

Barrat noted that many companies are developing AI in secrecy, to protect commercial prospects, as well as military advancements. Yet, as AI reaches human level intelligence, it's important for developers to get together, as the technology will become increasingly volatile. To avert some of the more perilous outcomes of AI, we need more scrutiny and transparency in its development, he advised.

NSA Revelations

First hour guest, reporter David Seaman reacted to the latest revelations about the NSA, such as their covert $250-million-a-year program with tech companies to insert weaknesses into the security of their products, so they can more readily break encryption codes. It's pretty unbelievable that a tax payer funded agency is spending this kind of money to make products actually less safe for customers, he commented. Further, the NSA has been intrusively collecting large amounts of data on US citizens' social connections, who they are interacting with, both online and off, Seaman detailed. We're in a transitional time now, he noted, and a movement is gathering steam against what the NSA has been doing (a non-partisan rally Stop Watching Us is planned for October 26th in Washington DC).

News segment guests: Andy Dean, Mish Shedlock, Howard Bloom

Economic Collapse Will Happen Really Quick

"The masses have never thirsted after the Truth...whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusion is always their victims"~ Gustaf Levon

Shutdown Doesn't Stop Obamacare

The government may be shutting down, but Obamacare still goes into effect today. Also, auto sales are expected to fall for September.

Government Shutdown "NASA Closed" Comet ISON

Its a Hollywood moment, everyone doesn't lose nothing. i bet those on leave are happy to have a two week vacation, I would be.Comet Ison will take care of itself.A Prelude to Jesus son of Mary coming and shutting man's governments down. Man's failing governments and rule are coming to an end. Satan is going down, and his minions are going down with him.

How to Control Others - Truth Never Told

so true like religion royals and the little government people its all about making people work as slaves so they can live the high life WAKE UP PEOPLE .Shutdown puts us in the land of Oz

First Illuminati Mind Control Sex Movie (1927) MUST SEE!!

Illuminati mind control exposed in 1927!
Babylon Sex Goddess Worship, Transhumanism, Occult Witchcraft, Dystopian Two Class System....Check, Check,

Government Shutdown Won't Actually Shutdown The Government

Don't be deceived this is a ripple effect, it wont happen overnight but it will steadily increase and speed up the collapse of America, snowball effect as well...eventually everyone in America will feel the effects of this. YOU ALREADY KNOW it's not going to halt anything because the government is being run by the secret government MJ-12, and the international banking sources controlling the Federal Reserve outside of this country who infiltrated D.C. a long time ago. Of course nothing's shutting down it's a script.
Plus they're going to raise the National Debt again.

GERALD CELENTE ~ US Government Shutdown for 1st time in 17 years as budget talks fail

The US federal government is partially shutting down after the Congress failed to fund its work amid a Republican drive to defund the Obamacare healthcare program. President Obama addressed to US troops to boost their confidence amid the crisis.

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