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US Government Screw Up Or A Distraction

US Government Screw Up Or A Distraction -- Episode 159

Kerry over the weekend said that all Assad needs to do is hand over his chemical weapons. Russia heard the proposal and spoke with Assad and he said ok lets do it. The US government back pedaled a little and then President Obama said lets proceed. The US Government has not backed down on a strike and they want Assad to admit they he used chemical weapons. The central bankers/US government want war, need war and will not give up until they get their war. They understand that the economy is going to collapse and they cannot be blamed when it happens.

Barack Obama Address To The Nation On Syria - FULL - 9/10/13

9/10/13 - Barack Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria - Full Speech

9/10/13 - Barack Obama FULL Address To The Nation On Syria --- President Obama delivered an address to the American people Tuesday night at 9pm ET outlining the U.S. response to the Syrian regime's use of chemical weapons against rebels and civilians. Obama's speech comes after news that the Syria has agreed to surrender its chemical weapons stockpiles to international control for eventual destruction, which Obama has indicated could avert a U.S. strike.

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Moral Obscenities" - (8/27/13)

"Western countries war talk of intervention inside Syria, the constitution is now officially dead & did Miley Cyrus' recent VMA appearance really have a bad influence on kids? Does a bear shit in the woods!? Think for yourself!"Original release: 8/27/13.

Ethical Compromises in The Higher Echelons of Government – By Jason Liosatos

The higher up the political ladder one goes the bigger the ethical compromises one must make.
It is very rare to find people of strict ethical and moral behavior in the higher echelons of government. The reason is that the higher up the political ladder a candidate goes, then the more ethical compromises they would have to make in order to reach those positions at the top. Ethical compromises that good people would not be prepared to make, nor even tempted by with all the big money pay cheques. This is why we very rarely find high ethical and moral qualities in people in positions of power. John Kerry is a great example of someone ethically compromising and becoming corrupted and immoral as they reach the higher echelons of government in this video of him being morally correct in his younger days.

Very occasionally we have seen people of ethics somehow get through to the higher echelons of government, such as John F Kennedy, who was clearly threatened for his ethical and moral standards he tried to placate, by the ruthless money men, who eventually had him killed. He was too great a threat to the ruthless perpetuation of control by fear, greed, unethical, and unscrupulous misery and slavery for the population, by the heartless puppeteers above him.
Often in the earlier stages of a person’s political career, they can have great aspirations to bring about a more ethical and morally sound system, and I am sure a young, unsullied Tony Blair going door to door campaigning may have had such aspirations, but the further up the political ladder they climb, the more they have to compromise ethically in order to proceed.
They soon become en swathed and seduced by the web of deceit, lies and terrible murder and misery, which they have to say yes to. By the time they are in that deep they have little choice but to do as they are told, as they drop a few more bombs there, take over a country over here, murder a couple of hundred thousand civilians here and there, and it starts to feel quite normal. The new feeling of being all powerful, fueling the puffed up ego that was once a nobody, now a big somebody, and the millions of pounds that starts going into the bank, and we soon have a literal monster who lies and cheats and steals as standard. We only have to remember the image of him walking side by side with George Bush, arms slightly away from the body implying big muscles they didn’t have, and chests both pushed out, like real tough guys, tough guys who would have both wet their pants on the front line in Iraq. It is easy to be tough when you send other people to murder, fight and be killed, for you who started the fight behind a desk sipping tea.
There are many wise, ethically and morally sound people with vision in the world who could do a much better job of things, who sadly will never reach a position to do so, in the political system as we know it, and even if they did within that noxious system, it would seem like putting an umbrella up in a hurricane. As I mentioned already, but it’s worth saying again, that anyone wanting to rule and govern others so vehemently are quite psychologically sick, as their future actions normally prove.- Jason Liosatos

Glenn Beck Laments: 'This Is the Week America Lost Its Superpower Status'

9/10/13 - In response to the news that the Russian government offered up a plan for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons, thereby avoiding international conflict, Glenn Beck lamented that this has become the week that America officially lost its "superpower status." The plan, offered Monday evening by the Russian President Vladimir Putin came following U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's "hypothetical" utterance that a Syrian overturning of their chemical weapons could help avoid any military conflict.

"After [Putin] made that statement and then the president said, 'Okay, uh, we could do that,' I thought to myself, 'We're done as a superpower,'" Beck recalled. "He has just put the final nail in the coffin."

Now that Russia has "dictated the terms" and "created the peace," Beck and his co-hosts speculated that "The chairs just switched at the table: Vladimir Putin and Russia is the leading superpower in the world."

Rand Paul: Obama got "lucky" on chemical weapons deal with Syria

Rand Paul: Obama got "lucky" on chemical weapons deal with Syria

"Pay us your taxes, and keep your opinions to yourself!" That is the message from these NWO, globalist, sell-outs! Why everyone doesn't change their taxes to exempt is beyond me. They use our money against us and ignore us even in overwhelmingly large numbers. Maybe next Town Hall should be more about retribution than asking questions!

The Alex Jones Show - Tuesday, September 10, 2013 (Full Show): Nicolas Winding Refn

On this Tuesday, September 10 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the latest developments in Syria, including a plan allowing the Bashar al-Assad government to surrender its chemical weapons in exchange for a promise that it will not be attacked by the United States. On today's show, Alex talks with Nicolas Winding Refn, a Danish film director, screenwriter and producer. Refn's latest film is Only God Forgives starring Ryan Gosling. His previous film was the award-winning neo-noir crime drama Drive. Alex takes your calls and covers other breaking news on today's worldwide broadcast.

BitCoin Is It Real Or Is It Fiat? presents
Chris Duane joined us today. He has been a leading BitCoin doubter. He believes that it's simply another unbacked currency with no fiat backing it up. He stated that over 70 percent of the BitCoin units have never been circulated and 25 percent of the units are owned by one individual. What happens when the networks go down and your wealth is held in BitCoins? Finally you can't take a BitCoin and go to the convenience store and buy a loaf of bread. So the entire portability issue hasn't been solved yet. And BitCoin like any other currency works only when there's confidence. Anything that negates confidence will undermine it's value.

Glenn Beck: Military Action In Syria Is Designed To Cover Up Benghazi

9/10/13 - Glenn Beck says that proposed military action against Syria is really an attempt to cover-up the weapons smuggling program that was running through Benghazi.


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The Spiritual Deception of Money

"Everything you think you know about America's monetary system is wrong..."

The stock market gains and increased productivity only means that corporations will feel justified in cutting jobs.
The unemployed are unnecessary.
Corporations have shipped out jobs, manufacturing and wealth and the government has rewarded them with massive monopolies.
How many small businesses would open up if they didn't have to compete with corporations?
The answer is the real solution to unemployment.
Unfortunately, Mr. Obama has decided war and the deaths of millions is a better solution to unemployment. He bought the lie about the Great Depression ending after World War 2.

Obama backs Russia's chemical handover proposal, may shelve Syria strike

President Obama is willing to "absolutely" put on pause a military strike on Syria if Bashar Assad accepts Russia's proposal to hand over control of the country's chemical weapons to the international community

Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CNN's Premiere of Crossfire - 9/9/13

Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CNN's Premiere of Crossfire - 9/9/13

They are profoundly true statements Rand. The violence and destruction that accompany "war should never ever be a first option!" It's the same as if demonstrating with violence and murders while dispensing oppressive,harm and hurt outside an abortion clinic that has for decades declared a sort of civil war against the born who are unborn inside. Can anyone stop for moment and think what would have happened if Russia or China bombed and invaded US during our civil war to help us all out and make the global community a safer place for everyone? The US MUST STOP meddling in the affairs of all other countries unless we are asked to help them (without bullying, intimidating and provoking them into an answer the war mongers and blood thirsty demons all want to hear). And unless we are attacked or invaded we MUST always get Congress's approval complied always with at least a specific general clear and concise plan, objective,a time line, a default exit strategy and crystal clear budget that we will NOT exceed! The Obama administrations regime should have learned by now that haste makes waste! And Kerry can't vicariously hurl out deadlines and ultimatums to anyone unless he's going to use his own sex pit feces and throw his crap balls at his own enemies all by himself !

WW3 UPDATE? Confusion Reigns The Day As U.N. Says Chemical Attack Evidence Fabricated

Intl experts have strong proof images of chemical victims fabricated -- Moscow
Footage and photos of the alleged chemical attack in Syria, which the US cites as the reason for a planned military intervention, had been fabricated in advance, speakers told a UN human rights conference in Geneva.

Assad interviewed by CBS

Assad Threatens US If They Attack! Proof War Is Around The Corner! World War 3?
No question about it. It's pretty sad though, when alleged despots speak and act more like statesmen and representatives of their people than do the "elected 'leaders'" of the "free" world. Even Assad makes O'bomb-a, McStain, Kohn, Hitlary, etc. look like a bunch of rabid dogs and douchebags.

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