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The Economic Collapse Blog ~ A Second Crash is Inevitable within 10 Years

And what popped the bubble? Banksters pulling money out of circulation.
“Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce.... And when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”
~ James Garfield, coincidentally [yeah, right] one of the US’s four assassinated presidents .
World financial system nowadays is like a car running 250 km/h without breaks. Breaks are social regulations. Bank system is public service in its essence. If society is ready to give Banks trillions of dollars for free , and if they are working without any risks than they are public servants and nothing more- and they should act as one. As servants they can not receive any bonuses-they are doing well not because they are smart... Reforms- 1) regulation2) defregmentation3) public ethics committee
Running a country’s central bank is a public service, so this privatization was destined for failure.
“We say in our platform that we believe that the right to coin money and issue money is a function of government. We believe it. We believe it is a part of sovereignty and can no more with safety be delegated to private individuals than can the power to make penal statutes or levy laws for taxation.”
~ William Jennings Bryan

Gary Johnson ~ Marijuana Is Much, Much Safer Than Alcohol

Alcohol is the gateway to drug, not marijuana.It is a no brainer: don't vote the idiots into office. Alcohol numbs brains and kills brain cells so that is why it is legal. Cannabis makes people think and open their minds, that's why it is illegal. Cannabis, LSD, mescaline and all those mind expanders are schedule 1 for a reason. It scared the crap out of the establishment in the sixties.The bottom line here is MONEY! If the states start legalizing Marijuana, it means less money for police departments who depend on the income from arresting people and fining them for having it. So of course your going to have the Anti-Pot people making false statements like "It's a gateway drug". They know it's not, they just want the money to keep flowing in from the arrests. Less money means Cuts to all local law enforcement.

Nostradamus Prophecies for 2014

Nostradamus prophecies for 2014 and after. Interpreted by Astrology and Bible prophecies. The third Antichrist is revealed as Russian President Putin.

Pattie Brassard ~ Planet X, is the Thriller, but Fukushima, is the Killer!

If you compare one threat with another, you can then choose between the two, but we have three to choose from
Aren't we lucky?
The biggest threat of all isn't Planet X, it's Fukushima
Listen carefully to what Pattie Brassard says
It makes sense and if you understand her, when she is talking about Fukushima and the radiation that is leaking out, you will understand what I mean when I say, Planet X is the Thriller, but Fukushima, is the Killer!

Mid-East Prophecy Update, August 18th, 2013 ~ what's happening in Egypt

Mid-East Prophecy Update, August 18th, 2013 . Pastor JD talks about what's happening in Egypt, and why it matters to us.

Interview With Ginny On EMP/Cyber Attacks Power Outages

In this interview Ginny discusses EMP blasts, cyber attacks and the effects of a power outage.

Ginny's Bio

Several years designing training for the Dept.of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Emergency Operations Training Academy. For over a year of this time, I was "on loan" to the Air Force, designing a Fundamental Risk Management course. Some of my DOE courses included:

Webster Tarpley: Gen. Sisi Quells Armed Wing of Moslem Brotherhood...

Gen. Sisi Quells Armed Wing of Moslem Brotherhood as Egypt Defies Obama and Kerry; 5 Million Jobs, 4 Million Homes, Second Nile, Cairo to Cape Fast Rail Now Urgent.

The Alex Jones Show - Sunday, August 18, 2013 (Full Show)

The Alex Jones Show - Sunday, August 18, 2013 (Full Show)

 On this important Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the rapidly escalating trend of society and cultural norms melting down and how this disastrous shift in civility will get worse over the short term. Along with dissolving civility and the dissolution of cultural norms, Alex looks at the alarming prospect of imploding birth rates and exploding death rates. He also covers the quickly moving situation in Egypt as that strategic North African country erupts in violent anarchy and civil war. Other subjects on today's worldwide broadcast include the mass drugging our troops by the government, new and expanding attacks on free speech by the politically correct regime in the government and its corporate media propaganda machine, and the scary prospect of a larger and far more deadly and portentous Fukushima disaster.

Police State ~ UK Using Big Brother Bin To Snoop On Public

Already at the center of a global surveillance maelstrom a new privacy scandal is erupting in the UK. This one over rubbish bins. High-tech trash cans in London can now identify passers-by by scanning their smartphones apparently in the name of advertising. RT's Polly Boiko reports.

Russell Targ ~ The Father Of Remote Viewing on Coast to Coast AM

Writer and physicist Russell Targ discussed the early remote viewing program, including his work with the 'father of remote viewing,' the late Ingo Swann. "Ingo taught us about the whole idea of remote viewing," he said, recalling early experiments in which Ingo was able to raise the temperature of different thermos bottles on a random schedule. In the summer of 1972, Swann came to work with Hal Puthoff at Stanford, and showed that he could psychically slow down sine wave frequencies of balls spinning in a vacuum. When Targ began to work with them, NASA asked Swan to view Jupiter (around one million miles away). "He sees a belt of shiny crystals as he zooms in, surrounding the planet, and no one had ever seen that before because they're too faint to see from Earth," he recounted, adding that we now know that when people do remote viewing, they see the target in real time at the distant location, which violates the notion of relativity.

One of the most valuable uses for remote viewing, Targ suggested, is as a tool for self-discovery. "As you get familiar with remote viewing, you realize your awareness fills all of it's clear that you couldn't possibly be just made of meat and potatoes," he commented. He also talked about different aspects of psychic gifts and ESP (his free ESP Trainer app is available on iTunes). Interestingly, he noted that the late renowned psychic Peter Hurkos only became psychic after he fell off a ladder and banged his head. As a tribute to the recently deceased Ingo Swann

Russell Targ is a physicist and author who was a pioneer in the development of the laser and laser applications. He was also co-founder of the previously secret Stanford Research Institute's investigation into psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s. His work in this new area, called remote viewing, was published in Nature, The Proceedings of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Russell did graduate work in physics at Columbia University, and is co-author of six books dealing with the scientific investigation of psychic abilities. In 1997, he retired from Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space Co. as a senior staff scientist. He now pursues ESP research in Palo Alto, California, and is also publishing special editions of classic books in psychical research.

Dollar Collapse Warning & States Gold Price May Rise To Infinity!

Dollar Collapse Warning & States Gold Price May Rise To Infinity!

Keynesian economics worked to rapidly grow the US standard of living to heretofore unseen heights. The problem isn't malicious leaders who hate your freedom. The problem is that they were too responsive to your ill informed [and heavily manipulated] demands. You wanted greater wealth over environmental protection. Cheap products over safe products. You wanted fast GDP growth over sound long-term thinking.
Democracy failed the US people only after they failed to be meaningful contributors to democracy. Even the ancient Greeks knew that Democracy fails once the population exceeds 150 or so...

Jesse Ventura Interview on Corruption and Howard Stern in 2016

Former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura joined Piers Morgan tonight for a lively discussion ranging from the big scandals in Washington to the trial of Bradley Manning to whether Ventura would finally dip his toes in the presidential water after sitting out for the last two cycles. Ventura bashed the Obama administration for overreach in the IRS and AP scandals, while declaring that public trust in parties is so low, a third party candidate like himself could easily win in 2016.

Ventura first reacted to the day's big Supreme Court ruling allowing police to collect DNA samples for anyone who gets arrested, not just people who are convicted of crimes. Ventura decried this as an "assault on our bill of rights."

On the Bradley Manning trial, Ventura praised the ex-army private as 'necessary whistleblower" who got important information to WikiLeaks, thereby bringing it to the public's attention. Ventura admitted that there are things that the government can't reveal, but "after it's all over," documents should not be labeled top secret and withheld from the public, declaring that taxpayers have a right to know what the government is up to. Morgan challenged Ventura, saying that Manning potentially put people's lives in danger. Ventura shot back with a question: "If you're seeing something that you deem to be murder, how do you sit on that?"

In the second segment, Ventura said that 2016 "would be the year" to finally run for president, since there's no incumbent in the race and people are hungry for a third party candidate. Venture said that enough people are "completely disgusted by both of these political parties" so they would welcome an independent candidate.

After a brief discussion about the IRS tea party targeting, Morgan then turned to a slightly sensitive subject: Ventura's lawsuit against the widow of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who was fatally shot at a Texas gun range earlier this year. Morgan confronted Ventura over whether he thinks it's at least "slightly uncomfortable" to be suing a dead man's widow. Ventura argued that the lawsuit is about clearing his name after Kyle accused him of starting a fight. Ventura said he feels "totally fine" going to court with Kyle's widow, saying that he couldn't possibly run for political office in the future with this hanging over his head.

Volcano Erupts! Japan's Sakurajima Has Largest Eruption & Ash Plume Seen in Decades!

Volcano Erupts! Japan's Sakurajima Has Largest Eruption & Ash Plume Seen in Decades!

Volcanic smoke billows from Mount Sakurajima in Kagoshima, Japan, Sunday, Aug. 18, 2013. Sunday's eruption marked the 500th eruption this year at the mountain, which is one of Japan's most active volcanoes
Sakurajima, one of Japan's most active volcanoes, experienced one of its most powerful eruptions in decades Sunday, sending an ash plume thousands of feet into the air.
The volcano, located in the far southwestern part of Japan's mainland on the island of Kyushu, began to erupt at 4:31 p.m. local time Sunday (3:31 a.m. EDT U.S. time). The smoke plume eventually reached a height of 5,000 meters (approximately 16,000 feet), according to the Kagoshima Local Meteorological Observatory. Public broadcaster NHK reported it was the volcano's tallest ash plume since records began in 1955.

Financial Collapse ~ The Truth Behind the Trillion-Dollar Stimulus, the Biggest Economic Recovery Plan in History

The Truth Behind the Trillion-Dollar Stimulus, the Biggest Economic Recovery Plan in History (2012)

 The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) (Pub.L. 111--5), commonly referred to as the Stimulus or The Recovery Act, was an economic stimulus package enacted by the 111th United States Congress in February 2009 and signed into law on February 17, 2009, by President Barack Obama.

To respond to the Great Recession, the primary objective for ARRA was to save and create jobs almost immediately. Secondary objectives were to provide temporary relief programs for those most impacted by the recession and invest in infrastructure, education, health, and renewable energy. The approximate cost of the economic stimulus package was estimated to be $787 billion at the time of passage, later revised to $831 billion between 2009 and 2019.[1] The Act included direct spending in infrastructure, education, health, and energy, federal tax incentives, and expansion of unemployment benefits and other social welfare provisions. The rationale for ARRA was from Keynesian macroeconomic theory, which argues that, during recessions, the government should offset the decrease in private spending with an increase in public spending in order to save jobs and stop further economic deterioration. Shortly after the law was passed, however, Keynesian economist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman while supportive of the law, criticized the law for being too weak because it did not "even cover one third of the (spending) gap".

Economists such as Martin Feldstein, Daron Acemo─člu, National Economic Council director Larry Summers, and Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences winners Joseph Stiglitz[54] and Paul Krugman[55] favored large economic stimulus to counter the economic downturn. While in favor of a stimulus package, Feldstein expressed concern over the act as written, saying it needed revision to address consumer spending and unemployment more directly.[56] Just after the bill was enacted, Krugman wrote that the stimulus was too small to deal with the problem, adding, "And it's widely believed that political considerations led to a plan that was weaker and contains more tax cuts than it should have — that Mr. Obama compromised in advance in the hope of gaining broad bipartisan support."[57] Conservative economist John Lott was more critical of the government spending.[58]

On January 28, 2009, a full-page advertisement with the names of approximately 200 economists who were against Obama's plan appeared in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. The economists denied the quoted statement by President Obama that there was "no disagreement that we need action by our government, a recovery plan that will help to jumpstart the economy". Instead, the signers believed that "to improve the economy, policymakers should focus on reforms that remove impediments to work, saving, investment and production. Lower tax rates and a reduction in the burden of government are the best ways of using fiscal policy to boost growth."[59] The funding for this advertisement came from the Cato Institute.[60]

On February 8, 2009, a letter to Congress signed by about 200 economists in favor of the stimulus, written by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, said that Obama's plan "proposes important investments that can start to overcome the nation's damaging loss of jobs", and would "put the United States back onto a sustainable long-term-growth path".[61] This letter was signed by Nobel Memorial laureates Kenneth Arrow, Lawrence R. Klein, Eric Maskin, Daniel McFadden, Paul Samuelson and Robert Solow. The New York Times published projections from IHS Global Insight, Moody', and Macroeconomic Advisers that indicated that the economy may have been worse without the ARRA.

Economic Collapse Blog : Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story

Yes the answer is to increase taxation especially of the rich. Hunt them down in the Cayman Islands. This will solve our problems. Get rid of the city and banking.

Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story explains and analyses in plain language the UK's large and ever growing national debt, possible bankruptcy, gigantic and inefficient public sector, and the Conservative-Liberal coalition government's half hearted attempt at trying to reduce the deficit.

Produced and directed by Martin Durkin, all rights reserved for the creators of the show, I do not own any of this material.

Adrian Salbuchi - Argentine Corruption & World Government in South America

Red Ice Radio - Adrian Salbuchi - Hour 1 - Argentine Corruption & World Government in South America

Adrian Salbuchi is known for speaking and writing about geopolitics, international relations, political power structures and financial globalization. His latest book is "The Coming World Government." Adrian regularly writes articles and shows up RT. He is the founder of the Argentine Second Republic Project and he is an international business consultant. He is with us today to give us an update on how the development of world government is marching forward in South America. We begin to discuss the newly selected Argentine Jesuit pope and what his strategy for cleaning up the tarnished reputation of the Vatican will be. We move on to talk about Cristina Kirchner and the Kirshner "dynasty," who have been ruling the massively corruption Argentina for over 10 years. Adrian explains many of the financial
scandals that have been unfolding in Argentina, without any coverage by the nation's media. Salbuchi further describes how the country's resources being are being sold out to mega corporations and that it's all run by the super national globalists and their banks. In the second hour Adrian explains why he is suspicious of the Arab spring and other demonstrations and rallies around the world. He explains that as long as people are fighting amongst themselves they will never be able to see the real enemy. We further discuss what is going on in Venezuela after Hugo Chavez death and the situation in Brazil. Adrian says that the economy is being intentionally dismantled around the world and the reformation offered to fix it will get us further dependent on a debt based centralized governmental banking system. He gives us a few pointers on how to remain autonomous under these conditions.

What's Really Happening in Egypt ~ Middle East expert Robert Fisk analyses

Robert Fisk, Middle East Correspondent for the Independent, analyses ongoing unrest in Egypt.

Egyptian authorities have cleared a Cairo mosque of anti-coup protesters, following a day-long siege punctuated by gunfire, tear gas volleys and mob attacks.The Fateh mosque in Ramses Square was evacuated on Saturday of protesters holed up since violence flared in the square on Friday evening. Police stormed the building on Saturday evening, moving the protesters out and beyond angry crowds who had formed outside.

is OCTOBER 1st the END of AMERICA ? 8-18-2013

Things Are Pointing This Direction Friends

Obamacare provision will allow 'forced' home inspections by gov't agents
August 15, 2013
Citing the Heath and Human Services website, a report posted Wednesday at the Freedom Outpost says that under Obamacare, government agents can engage in "home health visits" for those in certain “high-risk” categories.
Those categories include:
• Families where mom is not yet 21;
• Families where someone is a tobacco user;
• Families where children have low student achievement, developmental delays, or disabilities, and
• Families with individuals who are serving or formerly served in the armed forces, including such families that have members of the armed forces who have had multiple deployments outside the United States.
According to HHS, the visits fall under what is called the "Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program" allegedly designed to “help parents and children,” and could impact millions of Americans.
Constitutional attorney and author Kent Masterson Brown said that despite what HHS says, the program is not “voluntary."
"The eligible entity receiving the grant for performing the home visits is to identify the individuals to be visited and intervene so as to meet the improvement benchmarks," he said. "A homeschooling family, for instance, may be subject to 'intervention' in 'school readiness' and 'social-emotional developmental indicators.' A farm family may be subject to 'intervention' in order to 'prevent child injuries.' The sky is the limit."

Default: The Student Loan Documentary

Default: the Student Loan Documentary (Broadcast Version)

Default: the Student Loan Documentary chronicles the stories of borrowers from different backgrounds affected by the student lending industry and their struggles to change the system. No matter when their loans were taken, many borrowers find themselves in a paralyzing predicament of repaying two, three or multiple times the original amount borrowed, with no bankruptcy protection, no cap on fees and penalties and no recourse to the law. The consequences are dire, with stories of borrowers in financial and emotional ruin.

This version was released on PBS late October 2011 and has since gone on to screen at over 142 public broadcasting stations, screened at over 200 college campuses and events, featured in over 200 media outlets including The Nation, Forbes, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

We are happy to release the documentary for free online, for anyone who wants to learn more about student debt and for groups who want to organize for change.

Golden dragon set to breathe fire on US Dollar?

In the third edition of Venture Capital, Katie Pilbeam explores the reasons why the world's largest producer of gold, China, is buying up the shiny commodity in record quantities. This sudden gold rush is igniting speculation that the country is getting set to create a new gold standard for its currency. Also, the Eurozone breathed a sigh of relief this week: It's officially out of recession, but for how long? And what does this mean for the countries in southern Europe still struggling with historically high unemployment rates? Plus, is Britain ready for a shale revolution to jump-start its sputtering economy, and what will be the implications for the UK environment? Find out the biggest Russian corporate news stories rocking domestic markets, and RT's in-house trader Sean Thomas just about manages to keep his shirt on.

Electromagnetic Pollution & Disease ~ Coast to Coast AM - August 18 2013

Coast to Coast AM - August 18 2013 - Electromagnetic Pollution & Disease

Coast to Coast AM Today Date: 08-17-2013 Coast to Coast AM Host: John B. Wells Coast to Coast AM This Week Guests: Dr. Samuel Milham Coast to Coast AM Topic: Electromagnetic Pollution & Disease

Release Date ( August 18 2013 ) Air Date ( August 17 2013 )
John B. Wells was joined by Dr. Samuel Milham, who discussed the frightening link between human disease and electromagnetic pollution. The remainder of the show featured Open Lines.

Webster Tarpley : New York City Should Tax Wall Street Parasites & Predators

Webster Tarpley ((Truth-A-Thon 2013, Unbound Radio)) Save the Date: Washington DC Sept. 24 Evening to Mark Arrival of Russian Fleet in 1863, When Tsar Alexander II Saved Lincoln

Webster Griffin Tarpley is a philosopher of history who seeks to provide the programs and strategies needed to overcome the current world crisis. As an activist historian he first became widely known for his book George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), a masterpiece of research which is still a must read. Tarpley is a member of the "world anti-imperialist conference" Axis for Peace, of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and of a research Netzwerk of German 9/11 authors founded in September 2006. He is featured in the film, Zero: an investigation into 9/11 During 2008, he warned of the dangers of an Obama presidency controlled by Wall Street with Obama: The Postmodern Coup, The Making of a Manchurian Candidate and Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography. His interest in economics is reflected in Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Worst Financial Crisis in Human HistoryAgainst Oligarchy. He is currently completing a study of Pearl Harbor as an episode in Wall Street's war against President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the New Deal, and FDR's economic bill of rights. His books have appeared in Japanese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. From 1974 to 1984, he was a correspondent in central Europe, during which time he co-authored Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro (Who Killed Aldo Moro, 1978) a study of international terrorism. In 1979-80, he appeared as commentator for Teleradiosole, a television station in Rome. From 1984 to 1996, he was a correspondent in Washington DC. Tarpley is the co-author of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), which has sold 30,000 copies and remains the only critical biography of the former President. In 1997 he published an anthology entitled Against Oligarchy: Essays and Speeches 1970-1996. These books can be consulted on the internet at His 9/11 Synthetic Terror, the Bible of the 9/11 Truth Movement, has sold over 20,000 copies. His two books on Obama are virtually the only critical ones in print from a progressive viewpoint. Tarpley has lectured in numerous colleges and universities around the world. In 1995 he was named a consultant to the Universal Ecological Academy of Moscow. He holds an MA from Skidmore College and a Ph.D. in history from the Catholic University of America. Webster Tarpley's talk show World Crisis Radio is now broadcast on the Genesis World Report on GCNLive Free Internet Streaming Radio, Saturdays, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Eastern (1-3 Central, 11-1 Pacific), all 4 networks.

Useful Idiots

The phrase 'useful idiots' refers to Westerners duped into saying good things about bad regimes.

In political jargon it was used to describe Soviet sympathisers in Western countries and the attitude of the Soviet government towards them.

Useful idiots, in a broader sense, refers to Western journalists, travellers and intellectuals who gave their blessing -- often with evangelistic fervour -- to tyrannies and tyrants, thereby convincing politicians and public that utopias rather than Belsens thrived.

John Sweeney looks at Stalin's Western apologists and explores how present day stories of human rights abuses across the world are still rewritten.

1960s Government Subliminal National Anthem Video — It's THEY LIVE!

Hoax or not, they're still doing this today. Check out the Iron Chef episode where they flashed the McDonald's golden arches right in the middle. Totally stupid, thinking that bright red background was going to blend in, lol. Hell, just look at advertising and media in general, how it sells the dream and not the product - the status, not the car; the girl, not the beer; the image, not the burger. If it all works on tricks, do you think they'd stop there?

Interview with Dimitri Orlov - The Five Stages of Collapse

Dimitri Orlov and Jay Taylor discuss how the USA is following in the footsteps of the USSR, how financial collapse is progressing, how the various stages of collapse relate and what's in his new book.

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