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Compelling Evidence Hitler Escaped ~ Harry Cooper & Jeff Rense

Jeff Rense & Harry Cooper - Compelling Evidence Hitler Escaped

So what? Hitler was briefed by Brit, Intel in 1912/13 in Devonshire, UK. He he was funded for the war through Warburg Bank US, money from London Bankers. His tank engines were by Ford US. His propaganda movies were by Fox MovieTone News. Fuel to extend the war was from Standard Oil US. Also ITT(International Telephone and Telegraph), G.E.l had no problem supplying both sides of the war. He allowed 300K Brits to go home from Dunkirk. So what if our guy got away. No big deal

Kissinger Confronted on War Crimes by Luke Rudkowski

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was confronted and labeled a "mass murderer" by We Are Change's Luke Rudkowski during an event at which Kissinger was awarded a medal for his role in promoting "freedom and democracy."



This interview was conducted at the Super Soldier Summit in May 2013. Erin Green Hicks aka Erin Rothschild tells her story from the perspective of time travel and her experience growing up as a Rothschild being tortured and put through illuminati mind control and satanic rituals...

Shot and Produced by Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot

The Euro-Zone Crisis (documentary)

The euro-zone crisis (documentary)

The financial management of European governments has significantly worsened by the credit crisis. Due to the negative growth in tax revenues declined, while spending increased by conditions such as rising unemployment benefits and costs of bailouts of banks and other companies. As a result, increased the public debt as a percentage of gross domestic product, significantly.

Bill O'Reilly Points Out ALEX JONES For Political Hate Speech - 5/29/13

(May 29, 2013) - Bill O'Reilly tonight had a rather unique Talking Points Memo tonight, mostly covering Facebook's newly announced policy on sexist hate speech, and why the site's definition . O'Reilly used Facebook as a jumping off-point to criticize political hate speech of any kind, even using it as an explanation for why the IRS targeted Tea Party groups. But when O'Reilly teased the segment in the intro section of his show, he ran a clip of conspiracy hound Alex Jones flying off the handle, with the words "HATE SPEECH" right next to his name.

O'Reilly declared there is "plenty of hatred being spewed" on the internet and on talk radio, and credited Facebook for its new policy of taking down posts promoting sexist hate speech. O'Reilly said it's disturbing how "commonplace" and "acceptable" hate speech is, mostly attributing the level of public hate speech to the internet.

O'Reilly also included the IRS tea party targeting scandal, noting how "some people inside the IRS apparently hate conservatives and want to hurt them." He said what the IRS did went beyond internal hatred and was an active "demonstration of malice."

O'Reilly did criticize Facebook for limiting its scope of hate speech to specific groups, arguing that "hate speech is not a difficult thing to identify." He noted that "there is an audience" for hate speech, though he did not call out any individual for promoting hate speech, least of all Jones. O'Reilly did conclude by saying that "hate speech and those who traffic in it should be rejected and shunned."

Daniel Estulin - The Octopus Deception, WikiLeaks & Bilderberg ~ Red Ice Radio

Red Ice Radio - Daniel Estulin - The Octopus Deception, WikiLeaks & Bilderberg

Daniel Estulin is an investigative journalist who has been researching the Bilderbergers for over 14 years. He is the author of The True Story of the Bilderberg Group and the host of a show on RT (Russia Today). Daniel joins us to discuss real life key elements from his novel Octopus Deception, based on the work of Danny Casolaro. We'll discuss Operation Lily and the war loot stolen in Asia by Japanese forces during World War II, ultimately ending up in the hands of The Black Eagle Trust, of which controls the world economy and governments. Daniel talks about the planned destruction of the economy in order to maintain the system of control by international bankers as a new form of empire. He explains how money has nothing to do with economy. We speak more on the strong dollar policy, financial terrorism and the central banking warfare model. Later, we discuss Daniel's book "Deconstructing Wikileaks."He gives us his take on Wikileaks, Julian Assange, the Occupy movement and Anonymous. We end on Jim Tucker, the trailblazing journalist and author of Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diary, who, since 1975, has focused on the Bilderberg Group. Daniel explains how the Bilderberg Group isn't the seat of power as many believe. The same goes for the Rockefellers who serve as a lackey to the real power who we never see or hear about.

Donald Trump on 2016 Presidency: People 'Desperate' for Leadership, It's Me or Somebody

USAToday. The New York Post story over the holiday weekend had an eye-catching headline: "Trump Researching 2016 Run."

No, Donald Trump has not made a decision about a White House bid. Yes, he spent more than $1 million for research on what it would take to run for president. But the document was compiled in 2011, when Trump was seriously considering a 2012 challenge to President Obama.

Michael Cohen, executive vice president and special counsel to Trump, said Wednesday the research document "remains relevant for 2016" if the real estate mogul decides to run for president.

Trump's speech May 21 to the Oakland County (Michigan) Republican Party got the ball rolling. He told attendees at that Lincoln Day dinner that he is frequently encouraged to run for president and wished Obama was doing a better job.

Trump is set to make more speeches that could spark political chatter, including at a Faith & Freedom Coalition event June 14 in Washington. This year, he addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference — a gathering of activists that included Sens. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Marco Rubio, R-Fla., among its speakers.

Trump gets these invitations because he "provides straightforward, no-nonsense solutions to fixing problems in this country," Cohen said.

Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (5-29-13) Mark Dice & Adam Kokesh

The Alex Jones Show :(Commercial Free Audio) Wednesday, May 29 2013: Mark, Luke, & Adam

Today 5/29/2013
Kissinger confronted
On the Wednesday, May 29 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Alex runs down globalist operative and frequent Bilderberg attendee Henry Kissinger's grotesque list of war crimes, as noted in We Are Change reporter Luke Rudkowski's on-camera confrontation with the Rockefeller protégé. Alex also continues hitting on Obama's array of scandals, while his administration tries to find ways to continue funding and arming Al-Qaeda in Syria. On today's show, political activist, radio talk show host and former marine Adam Kokesh joins Alex to discuss last week's arrest at a Philadelphia marijuana legalization rally and how it could affect his planned armed, but peaceful, march on Washington D.C. on July 4th. Also today, Alex welcomes author and activist Mark Dice to talk about his undercover videos exposing America's walking zombie-like mentality and utter state of apathy with anything political.

Lindsey Williams Warns : The Elite Want To Drown The World in Debt Before Collapsing the Global Economy

Lindsey Williams ~ Radio Liberty 23 May 2013

Some Key Points released By Lindsey Williams in his recent interviews :
 - This is not a conspiracy theory it is an agenda
- Cyprus - The startling Real Story
- The American Dollar - How long?????
- Healthcare - A trap -America
- The world's only hope -Saudi Arabia
- Look out -Iran - Sabre rattling -Derivatives
- Collapse being discussed -(Behind closed doors, all of these things have been discussed)
- We Will See The Collapse of All Paper Money in a Period of two years Maximum The Elite are working for a date of the collapse of all paper currencies , it could be in a year or in a year and half , what happened to the banks in Cyprus will happen to New Zealand Japan Australia Canada and even America , you better get your money from your pension fund bank account retirement account , IRA , 401K or you will lose it all overnight
-The Federal Reserve is making some huge financial moves that will drive the USA deep into debt and decrease the buying power of the dollar. They will take them and use them as an investment in the derivative market. "They will hedge the derivative market." They will fractionally reserve all the mortgages and turn the $40 billion into $360 billion and make $1 trillion of off mortgage debt in 3 months. The banks receiving the $40 billion will turn around and take this money and buy treasury bills. It will go towards paying the debt of the US, not to improve the economy. Basically, the FED gives the bank money which they give back to the FED and the FED ads fees and interests which drives up the debt more.
Lindsey Williams, an ordained Baptist minister went to Alaska in 1970 as a missionary. While in Alaska, Pastor Williams found out about the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline, which began construction on 29th April 1974. Because of Pastor Williams' love for the USA and concern for the spiritual welfare of the over 25,000 workers on the pipeline, he volunteered to serve as Chaplain on the pipeline, with the full support of the Alyeska Pipeline Company.

Pastor Williams was given the northern 7 out of the 28 construction camps including the oil field at Prudhoe Bay to hold worship services at the 7 camps once a day. After six months a PR employee at Alyeska Pipeline Company told Pastor Lindsey Williams that he was an invaluable asset to the company. He said that Lindsey was saving the oil pipeline company thousands of dollars of counselling fees and had voted successfully to give Pastor Williams executive status if he wished to accept it. Executive status meant that Lindsey Williams could go anywhere he liked and see anything he wanted regarding the pipeline operation. They gave him a vehicle and an executive pass and he was also invited to sit in on board meetings in an advisory capacity in order to help the relationship between management and labour.

For three years Pastor Lindsey Williams had the opportunity to sit, live and rub shoulders with the most powerful, controlling and manipulative men on the face of this planet.

The site I have created will document what happened to Pastor Lindsey Williams during his time as chaplain to the Alyeska Pipeline Company and what has happened subsequently regarding the elite's plan for control of the world and its resources.

A Pastor Lindsey Williams: Obama to Tax Middle Class into Oblivion! Pastor Lindsey Williams unveils the truth behind the elite plan for humanity and this planet... THE NEXT 4 YEARS... Released TUESDAY 4TH DECEMBER 2012! The Elite do not want a collapse YET , they have not created enough DEBT says Lindsey Williams , the middle class in America will be taxed into oblivion ... 2012 2013 future bilderberg power "lindsey williams" elite mad crazy obama chinese scary economy dollar collapse food storage water shortage hungry buy people end agenda fear control terror terrorist attack olympics london truth think scare federal reserve mortgage dollar usd house home investment invest money debt america u.s. "united states" secret purchase treasury recession billion bonds gold silver bullion currency luxetti

Lindsey Williams The elite are disappointed with Obama and want him out , The Dollar is already Dead but Not Finished , America will be Destroyed there will be no food shortages on the grocery stores shelves but you will go hungry because the prices will be so high that you won't be able to afford the purchasing power of the dollar will be destroyed , the elite are mad at Obama , the dollar will be dead before the end of this year , one of the elite's agenda for 2013 is FEAR , fear of war and terrorist attacks they want to shut down the masses brains don't fall for it says Pastor Lindsey Williams , the elite have bought your house out of thin air and they have learned that you will not revolt or riot like Greece , so they will bring in the NWO gradually to America ....

The Federal Reserve is making some huge financial moves that will drive the USA deep into debt and decrease the buying power of the dollar.

They will take them and use them as an investment in the derivative market. "They will hedge the derivative market." They will fractionally reserve all the mortgages and turn the $40 billion into $360 billion and make $1 trillion of off mortgage debt in 3 months.

The banks receiving the $40 billion will turn around and take this money and buy treasury bills. It will go towards paying the debt of the US, not to improve the economy. Basically, the FED gives the bank money which they give back to the FED and the FED ads fees and interests which drives up the debt more.

"American Police State-To Protect & Serve The New World Order" by Dan Bidondi

IN OUR LIVES government moved from service & friendly advice, to disrespect, to thuggery, to corruption, to outright criminal conspiracy. Logical discourse is now fined. Laws are whatever a particular policeman says they are at any moment. We do still have a legislative branch of government to create the illusion of rule of law. Yesterday's play ground bully now has a badge, a gun, & a tazer.How freedom dies: Millions dig the ditch they are told to dig then wet their pants when the machine gun bolts slam home & they die stupidly crying “How did this happen to me?” Tiny minority will have to do what will be required. "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."- Benjamin Franklin Watch other videos on johnperna2 Read Articles TARGETFREEDOM: Calling the Tyrant's Bluff , Police State Jobs Available for Psychopaths

THANKS OFFICER. Your freedom is at risk too. The stormtrooper is a peacock in 1 day & feather duster the next. Tyrants need stormtroopers while gaining power. They kill them later. Whoever the tyrant lets survive meets justice after tyrant falls. Watch Nuremberg trial footage on johnperna2 Nuremberg thugs said "Just doing our jobs." See videos of them on slabs w/ nooses still on necks. Watch rest of channel johnperna2: History Lesson for Future Tyrants, Google "Calling the Tyrant's Bluff"

Our Quest For Peace and Happiness Individually and Globally

The peace and happiness we all long for both personally and globally, though elusive and seemingly impossible, is also a reality which is waiting in the womb of possibility to be born, and it is up to us to be the midwives of our own, and hence the global transformation.

We are living in a virtual asylum of continual wars, both militarily and financially, and those wars – created by xenophobic  megalomaniacs in government – generally stem from a desire for power and money. We are also in a general battle within ourselves swinging between happy and sad, liberation and fear, and an almost continual struggle to find inner peace and stability, which is ironically something we always posses, but which is generally covered over by our agitation, worries, fears and foibles.

It is the feeling of disconnection from our peace and happiness, and the struggle and despair in us that forces us to want to rediscover, and retrieve it again. It is important to remember that the peace and happiness we yearn for is not something we have to try and get but it is something we already posses, but it is concealed and covered over by our fear and struggle to survive, so it is not outside us beyond our grasp, but very much inside us, waiting for us to rediscover it, and it is like a room full of treasure in us all, and we only need to find the key and combination again to gain access to it again.

The more we lose our peace, happiness, balance and sanity inwardly, individually, then the more we will see us losing it globally, because we as individuals make up the whole orchestra of humanity, and it is an emergency that we now regain our balance because every one of us is a vital part of that human orchestra which is playing so dangerously out of tune. When we re tune ourselves individually the whole human orchestra will play in harmony, and at that point it will not matter what imbalanced government or politician tries to conduct the whole, waving their stick at the orchestra to do this or that, it wont work because a population with inner balance, harmony and peace could not be manipulated and coerced. – Jason Liosatos.

Largest Money Laundering Scam In U.S. History Busted

Authorities in the US and seven other countries have broken up what they call the world's largest money-laundering scheme. An online payment and money transfer website - Liberty Reserve - is believed to have moved more than 6-billion dollars of illegal funds. Bill Black: Operation involving drug money carried on for almost a decade before being charged; much bigger crimes on Wall St. go unpunished

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