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Peter Schiff : Get Your Money out of the Banks and Buy Gold instead

Cyprus Banks and The End Game is a Huge Crisis-Peter Schiff

In the wake of the Cyprus banking crisis, Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Precious Metals says, "There's no question a crisis is on its way. The end game is a huge crisis." With that in mind, Schiff says, "Why would you leave any extra money in a bank to get zero percent interest. . . . I think pull your money out, and put it into some kind of investment. . . . anything other than a piece of paper that's going to lose value." Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with money manager Peter Schiff.Peter Schiff`s comments on the economy, stock markets, politics and gold. Schiff is the renowned writer of the bestseller Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse.
Peter Schiff is a well-known commentator appearing regularly on CNBC, TechTicker and FoxNews. He is often referred to as "Doctor Doom" because of his bearish outlook on the economy and the U.S. Dollar in particular. Peter was one of the first from within the professional investment field to call the housing market a bubble. Peter has written a book called "Crash Proof" and a follow-on called "The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets". He is the President of EuroPacific Capital, which is a brokerage specializing in finding dividend-yielding, value-based foreign stocks.


Legendary investor Jim Rogers sees now as a great time to load up on gold and silver coins - and he's not alone.

A record 7.5 million ounces of silver coins were sold in January as investors hunted for a safe haven investment.

"You can't get [silver coins]. They sell out," Rogers, who owns a rare 2013 silver coin, said on Yahoo! Finance's "The Daily Ticker." "Several mints have run out of coins because everybody's worried about the future of the world."

And 150,000 ounces of American Eagle gold coins were sold in January, the highest monthly total since July 2010.

"Gold has been up 12 years in a row which is extremely unusual for anything," added Rogers. "A lot of speculators are rushing into gold right now. I'm not rushing into gold, but I'm certainly not selling it. If it goes down, I'm buying more."
Gold and Silver Prices in 2013

While gold is only up half a percentage point so far this year, silver is up around 5%.

Many analysts, including Money Morning Global Resources Specialist Peter Krauth, see both metals ending the year higher, especially silver.

Gold and silver will be spurred by the inflationary actions of central banks, strong investor demand and decreased supplies. Krauth expects silver to outperform gold because of the added demand from its various industrial uses, and its low price compared with gold.

In fact, Krauth sees silver prices, currently trading around $31.50 an ounce, reaching $54 an ounce. He sees gold, now trading at $1,675 an ounce, hitting $2,200 an ounce during 2013.

Gold and silver may be off their highs but that hasn't hurt demand for gold and silver coins. Sales of silver eagle coins hit a new record last month and gold coin sales in January reached their highest level in almost 19 months.

"You can't get [silver coins]. They sell out," says legendary investor Jim Rogers. "Several mints have run out of coins...because everybody's worried about the future of the world."

Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings and author of the new book, "Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets," tells The Daily Ticker that he "wouldn't rush in right now" to buy more coins, but he's not selling them either.

Rogers says he'll buy more gold only if prices fall further (gold is currently trading 12% below its record high of $1,900).

"Gold has been up 12 years in a row which is extremely unusual for anything," he notes.

Gold and silver, like most commodities, are priced in U.S. dollars. Rogers is not a fan of the greenback but is an owner because other currencies, such as the Japanese yen, are collapsing.

The yen has fallen to a 2-1/2 year low against the U.S. Dollar and has weakened against the euro as a result of the Bank of Japan's aggressive easy money policy.

The man who heads the Bank of Japan, Governor Masaaki Shirakawa, said Tuesday he would step down March 19, three weeks earlier than planned. He was presumably under pressure to ease even more aggressively in order to reverse Japan's long-term deflation. Investors have turned bearish on the yen but Rogers says he is "contemplating buying some" because of the decline.
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When asked which currency holds the most promise now, Rogers says it might be the Russian ruble although "he's stunned" to hear himself say that.

"Russia has massive problems...that's why the ruble is so cheap," he notes. "There's great change taking place in Russia and whenever you can find a cheap place with massive positive change taking place you should buy all you can."

In the meantime, he advises investors not to sell their gold and silver coins. "There is no paper money in 2014 or 2015 that will be worth much of anything," he says.

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.
Jim Rogers is an author, financial commentator and successful international investor. He has been frequently featured in Time, The New York Times, Barron's, Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and is a regular guest on Bloomberg and CNBC

Vatican & ETs / Free Energy

Coast To Coast AM - March 25 2013 Vatican & ETs / Free Energy C2CAM

Date: 03-25-13
Host: George Noory
Guests: Tom Horn, Joel Garbon

In the first half, researcher of ancient mythology and paranormal phenomena, Tom Horn, updated the story of how the Vatican could be preparing for ET disclosure, and discussed his visit to the Vatican Astronomical Technology Telescope. Interestingly, about three weeks before Pope Benedict resigned, Horn had predicted that his resignation was imminent. He based this partially on a 61-year-old French codex called "The Mysterious Prophecy of the Popes" by Jesuit Rene Thibault, who wrote back in 1952 that the Pope would step down to make way for the Final Pope in April 2012.

When Horn and his co-author Cris Putnam visited the Vatican Telescope on Mount Graham in Arizona, they were able to interview several priests and astronomers there, and learned some fascinating information. According to their sources, the Vatican's interest in astronomy relates to their quest to pinpoint certain exoplanets, and advanced alien intelligences. Some of the staff there spoke openly about UFOs, and noted that intelligently controlled crafts had frequently been observed in deep space. "Some of these Jesuits believe that official disclosure is imminent," and new dogma is being drafted that will say that the world is soon going to look to aliens for their salvation, he reported. Horn also shared an intriguing revelation about his brother-in-law, who worked on a top secret project at Los Alamos Lab. One night, under the influence of alcohol, he told his family that the Lab was involved in the 'alien agenda.' After this incident, he disappeared, and was never heard from again.


In the second half, consultant Joel Garbon discussed his 25 years of travels through a fascinating international scene some call the free energy underground, and detailed how energy breakthroughs have been suppressed. His organization, the New Energy Movement, is a grassroots, non-profit outreach effort for the public to become aware of technologies that aren't receiving mainstream attention. The class of technology involving cold fusion, initially produced startling results, but then was generally dismissed. This rush to judgment did a great disservice to the technology, Garbon commented. But now 24 years later, cold fusion has been declared to be real, and a number of companies and start ups, such as Brillouin Energy are experimenting with various techniques. These technologies may eventually be used to heat water, and generate steam. Italian inventor Andrea Rossi has gotten a lot of attention for his process, he added.

A colleague of Garbon's has been investigating many different technologies and has come up with a self-charging energy device shaped like a coin, that is comprised of very thin layers of nanomaterials, and could possibly be incorporated into smaller electronics like cell phones. So often our elected leaders don't have the public's interest at heart when it comes to developing new energy technology, he remarked. His team provides a technology vetting service for inventors that are springing up from all over, though sometimes the inventors have not done front end testing of their products in advance that would make their performance claims valid.

No Bank Account In Europe is Safe ~ Mike Rivero

No Bank Account In Europe is Safe ~ Mike Rivero

This tiny island has always had a huge amount of MONEY from Russia, Serbia (Milosevic and all rich Serbians), Israel… THERE CAN NOT BE ANY REAL CRISIS in Cyprus ! Mafia was so generous in last years… The satanists who rule the world have engineered artificially the need for a “bailout” – now, criminals will steal from criminals… and honest people will pay like criminals too! It’s all about A SYSTEM THAT IS BASED ON PROFIT = satanic system = system that creates scarcity by desgn! Now – antidote is : GIFT ECONOMY … and planting free trees, free food… later build free shelters… and work only for free out of passion

Should Jim Carrey be Deported Back to Canada ?

Jim Carrey's Anti-Gun Rant Hollywood's Hypocrisy on Guns - The Five - Fox News - 3-26-13

It does not surprise me. Jim Carrey has always appeared childish to me and failed to make me laugh. So it’s no wonder why he fails to understand these crucial problems we are facing right now. Carrey is just a prostitute of genocidal Bolshevik commissars. this is not an ideological battle of left vs right, GOP vs Dems, Socialism vs liberty. This is ethnic warfare against all people. The 2nd Amendment is a critical last bastion, a societal panic room of sorts, against tyranny. This much any patriot who read the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Federalist Papers knows already. What isn’t so clear is how screwed we would already be in the event the people finally decide to exercise it to its fullest extent. What they fear the most is the truth. Their nightmare is an armed, well informed, and fed up proletariat. If you know the truth about how they operate, how their propaganda works as a population, the whole thinly veiled Rube Goldberg Machine of Global Domination comes flying apart in a shower of springs, gears, cogs, screws, and nuts.

Cyprus Crisis to spill across the rest of the Eurozone

the crisis has turned Cyprus into a pawn in the game of geopolitical chess between the EU and its wider neighbourhood. In addition to its role as a Russian offshore financial centre, Cyprus is also at the crossroads of the Middle East and Europe.The Eurozone/EU so-called leaders are like the performers in a Brussels square, with plates spinning on sticks, they kept the Cyprus plate from falling ,this time, but surely the next is Slovenia etc. etc. , eventually they must drop the lot in one great crash. I think the member to leave the Euro should be Germany, they cause the distortion in the system.

Cyprus is a Geopolitical Mess

A tale of two Cypriate economies the Greek one collapsed, the Turkish prospering, For such a tiny country, Cyprus and its failing banks have created an awfully big economic, financial and geopolitical mess for European bankers and government officials. The island nation – with land mass and economy smaller than Vermont – was bracing Sunday for the looming collapse of its banking system and economy, as scores of officials from Brussels to Nicosia spent the weekend scrambling to avert the crisis.

The Alex Jones Show with Ted Nugent - March 26, 2013

The Alex Jones Show - Tuesday, March 26, 2013 (Full Show): Ted Nugent

On the Tuesday, March 26 edition of the Alex Jones Show, legendary guitarist and devoted NRA supporter Ted Nugent joins Alex in discussing firearm phobe Jim Carrey's anti-Second Amendment music video, which blasts millions of law-abiding gun owners while also desecrating American hero Charlton Heston's memory. We'll also cover George Soros-funded Obama front group Think Progress' two cents on the DHS ammo solicitations, a weapons manufacturer confirming that the massive bullet buys are a deliberate end run around the Second Amendment, and a military SWAT drill conducted in Albany where residents were threatened with arrest. We'll also examine other major news items and take your calls.

Euro-crisis & Greece @ The London School of Economics

Speaker(s): Dr Daniel Gros, Professor Charles Goodhart, Professor Michael Haliassos
Chair: Professor Kevin Featherstone

Recorded on 20 March 2013 in Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building.

Dr Daniel Gros is director of Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels.

Professor Charles Goodhart, Emeritus Professor of Banking & Finance; director of Financial Regulation Research Programme, LSE.

Professor Michael Haliassos is chair for Macroeconomics and Finance, Goethe University Frankfurt; director, Center for Financial Studies, Frankfurt.

Build up to WW3 : North Korea on Highest Alert preparing to strike South Korea, Japan, Guam, Hawaii and US

Build up to WW3 : North Korea on Highest Alert preparing to strike South Korea, Japan, Guam, Hawaii and US

3/26/13 - North Korea has elevated its artillery and strategic missile forces to "combat-ready posture" and said it is prepared to strike targets in South Korea, Japan, Guam, Hawaii and the continental US.

North Korea conducted its third nuclear test on Tuesday in defiance of existing U.N. resolutions, drawing condemnation from around the world, including from its only major ally, China, which summoned the North Korean ambassador to protest. The reclusive North said the test was an act of self-defense against "U.S. hostility" and threatened further, stronger steps if necessary. It said the test had "greater explosive force" than the 2006 and 2009 tests. Its KCNA news agency said it had used a "miniaturized" and lighter nuclear device, indicating that it had again used plutonium which is more suitable for use as a missile warhead. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the third of his line to rule the country, has presided over two long-range rocket launches and a nuclear test during his first year in power, pursuing policies that have propelled his impoverished and malnourished country closer to becoming a nuclear weapons power. China, which has shown signs of increasing exasperation with the recent bellicose tone of its neighbor, summoned the North Korean ambassador in Beijing and protested sternly, the Foreign Ministry said. Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said China was "strongly dissatisfied and resolutely opposed" to the test and urged North Korea to "stop any rhetoric or acts that could worsen situations and return to the right course of dialogue and consultation as soon as possible". China is a permanent member of the Security Council. U.S. President Barack Obama labeled the test a "highly provocative act" that hurt regional stability and pressed for new sanctions. "The danger posed by North Korea's threatening activities warrants further swift and credible action by the international community. The United States will also continue to take steps necessary to defend ourselves and our allies," Obama said in a statement. 2013 ww3 "world war 3" "world war" world war future controlled explosion nuclear bomb "nuclear bomb" dirty country "north korea" korea underground china russia u.s. japan "united states" america mini un "united nations" concern issue military missile reach washington threat strike obama reaction sanctions danger illuminati matrix nwo "new world order" agenda media news asia crazy The Security Council will meet on Tuesday to discuss its reaction to the test, although North Korea is already one of the most heavily sanctioned states in the world and has few external economic links that can be targeted. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the test was a "grave threat" that could not be tolerated. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the test was a "clear and grave violation" of U.N. Security Council resolutions. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov urged North Korea to abandon its nuclear arms program and return to talks. NATO condemned the test as an "irresponsible act" that posed a grave threat to world peace

Money is a Giant Ponzi Scheme

Federal Reserve Bank, European Central Bank and the World Bank are all the same PRIVATE banks and they control the IMF.. and the IMF dictates other countries central banks how much money they can PRINT?'s just so unfair..however the worst thing is the fact that the most of people ignore these facts..

Banks Accounts in Spain and Italy are next to be raided ~ Mike Rivero

Banks Accounts in Spain and Italy are next to be raided in order to preserve Europe's single currency by prompting up these Ponzi scheme central Bank says Mike Rivero , This implosion is all designed.They are just waiting for the right moment. They're testing the the people to see what the pressure points are to get them to uprise so they can bring in martial law.The agenda calls for the collapse in Europe, using that model, they will bring it straight to the US.This is the 'endgame'.

Get All Your Money Out of The Banks NOW ~ Adrian Salbuchi

Adrian Salbuchi, an internationally-renowned Argentine author, political analyst, speaker and radio television commentator. : An Argentine opinion on the Global Financial Crisis, describing the whole Global Financial System as one vast Ponzi Scheme. Like a pyramid, it has four sides and is a predictable model. The four sides are: (1) Artificially control the supply of public State-issued Currency, (2) Artificially impose Banking Money as the primary source of funding in the economy, (3) Promote doing everything by Debt and (4) Erect complex channels that allow privatizing profits when the Model is in expansion mode and socialize losses when the model goes into contraction mode.How will the Global Financial Collapse end? Are we on the way towards global war and world government?

Even The Bankers are Now Protesting in Cyprus

Protests in Cyprus over bailout deal Banks in Cyprus remain closed despite a bailout deal the country's newly elected government signed with international creditors. Protests have followed the agreement which called for Popular Bank, the country's second biggest bank, to be closed down and the imposition of austerity measures. At the biggest lender, Bank of Cyprus, the chairman has handed in his resignation and the head office is being occupied by the bank staff.

Welcome To The New World Order (Full Length HD Film)

New World Order is nothing "new". The idea of a personalized utopian planet Earth is as old as Moses. The Illuminati are not new either; they are simply the power-elite who have always been here, and always looking for ways to screw over the "common people" - that's us. These bastards start the wars that you go die in. They travelled in the sedan-chairs that you were made to carry. There are many curiosities in life, like who really built the pyramids ?

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