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Jesse Ventura on his New Book - Larry King Live 08 March 2010

Did Bush & Cheney Want Bin Laden To Escape?" Jesse Ventura March 08, 2010 CNN

Adrian Salbuchi's first follow-up report on how the 12 Transitional Triggers designed by the New World Order Power Elite to wrap-up Globalization and usher in a World Government, are being deployed. The original description can be found on the 14-December-2009 video "2010 Forecast: Transition from Globalization to World Government".

Breaking News : Shooting at Dallas Office Tower - Video

Authorities in Dallas respond to a shooting in an office building, possibly involving a bank there. Local media reports say at least three people are wounded, including the suspect. (March 8)

NBC, and news services
updated 17 minutes ago

DALLAS - Shots were fired inside a Dallas bank and several people might have been wounded, local media reported Monday as police and ambulances raced to the scene.

KTVT said Dallas Fire-Rescue reported that at least three individuals were shot. One of them, the alleged gunman, was hospitalized "with a gunshot wound to the head," KTVT said. The conditions of the three were not immediately known.

The shooting was first reported shortly before 11 a.m. at the United Texas Bank branch inside a building next to Medical City Dallas Hospital.

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