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Hurricane Horrors and Jihad: Coach Dave Daubenmire & I.Q. al-Rassooli

As the world's weather becomes more chaotic, the earth's rotation slows down and the wobble intensifies.

With the successful generation of a CAT 1 Hurricane to CAT 5 in less than 15 hours, using HAARP, the aanti-nation, NWO Globalist Elite Eugenists are haralding the dawn of global weather wars for the depopulation of the entire earth. The deluge, foretold of in the Bible, is still to come & may very well be a conglomeration of natural hurricanes, fabricated with chem-trailed nano-sized metal shratnel & fiber, super spun up into a CAT 6 (or greater) mega hurricane & united with man made geo-engineering & HAARP. It will be like applying a giant sized brillo pad scrubber to the earth.

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