TRUMP will brings us to WW3

The Donald keeps saying AMERICA FIRST and yet has totally surrounded himself with WHO?? Ashkenazi Jews, its not a secret, he has surrounded himself with exactly the people needed to bring forth the vision of none other than Albert Pike.
this was all going to happen with trump or cliton as president. this is the NWOs war.

Transcript : alright this video is not going to be 0:13 very popular amongst from supporters and 0:16 fans of Israel but let's just keep it 0:19 real here the Israel the Israelites of 0:22 the Bible are not the same people that 0:24 are occupying israel right now and 0:27 that's a fact and I'm going to show you 0:29 who Donald Trump is in what country he 0:32 actually stands for because it's not 0:34 America Donald Trump has come into 0:37 office and he said a lot of things he's 0:39 made a lot of moves that made even 0:41 people that doubted him completely think 0:43 hey this guy might be the right right 0:45 person but it's it's all of ours i told 0:48 you in the beginning that he was the law 0:50 and order president he was all about the 0:53 military and patriotism how many times 0:56 do we here and say that America first 0:58 atria tourism another one of the isn't 1:01 as soon as he becomes president he puts 1:05 the Muslim travel band into effect which 1:07 causes Iran to threaten to drop the 1:11 dollar and then within six hours of that 1:13 claim all of a sudden Iran's taking 1:15 they're doing 1:17 nucular missile tests and then trumpet 1:20 some sanctions and now all of a sudden 1:22 Iran's continuing to do this anyways 1:25 they know that this is a deathwish dead 1:30 this will go cause all-out war but 1:32 that's exactly what Trump's job is to do 1:34 and if you don't believe me I'm going to 1:35 prove it to you right now this is the 1:38 Freemason man-god albert pike in the 1:41 letters he wrote to manzi nice outlining 1:44 three world wars that would need to 1:46 occur the first two world wars just as 1:49 he recommended happened and unfolded 1:51 just as he said the third world war must 1:54 be formatted by taking advantage of the 1:56 differences caused by the agent or of 1:59 the Illuminati between the political 2:01 scientists and the leaders of the 2:03 Islamic world the war must be conducted 2:05 in such a way that Islam the Muslim 2:07 Arabic world and the political Zionism 2:11 the State of Israel mutually destroy 2:13 each other 2:14 meanwhile the other nations once more 2:16 divided on the issue will be constrained 2:18 to fight to the point of complete 2:20 physical 2:21 moral spiritual and economic exhaustion 2:24 and it goes on but if you follow my 2:26 channel you've heard all this now why am 2:29 i bringing all this up right now because 2:31 the people that Donald Trump has 2:32 surrounded himself are not americans 2:35 they're all they all have allegiance to 2:38 Israel and the Jewish community nothing 2:40 to do with American values so listen to 2:44 this this is going to take about 10 2:46 minutes to explain how many people 2:47 surrounding Donald Trump including his 2:50 own son 2:52 are not or America and Donald Trump will 2:55 indeed start the world war that Mancini 2:57 and Albert Pike outlined and you'll see 3:02 this watch this 3:12 Michael abboud communications 3:14 coordinator Donald J Trump for president 3:16 Sephardic to Paul as leitner chairman 3:20 supervisory board Georgia bank Donald 3:23 Trump's largest lender Ashkenazi Jew 3:25 miriam adelson endorser Donald J Trump 3:29 for president donor future 45 pack 3:31 finance vice-chairman chump Presidential 3:34 Inaugural committee asked Matthew to 3:36 sheldon adelson endorser Donald J Trump 3:39 for president donor future 45 pack 3:42 finance vice-chairman chump Presidential 3:44 Inaugural committee askin ah-choo Paul 3:47 Atkins member president Trump strategic 3:50 and Policy Forum Ashkenazi Jew Brian 3:53 villard finance vice-chairman chump 3:55 Presidential Inaugural committee 3:57 Ashkenazi Jew Elliot voy de 3:59 vice-chairman Trump victory committee 4:02 finance vice-chairman Trump Presidential 4:04 Inaugural committee Ashkenazi Jew safra 4:07 catz executive committee member from 4:10 presidential transition team Ashkenazi 4:12 Jews michael cohen executive vice 4:15 president and special counsel the Trump 4:17 Organization Ashkenazi to director the 4:21 United States National Economic Council 4:23 pascal90 two fellows costco member 4:25 doesn't chance to teach again Policy 4:27 Forum Ashkenazi Jew Gil dezer president 4:30 desert development astronaut teacher 4:32 Michael desert founder dezer development 4:34 Ashkenazi Jew Louis eisenberg chairman 4:37 cha victory committee finance 4:38 co-chairman child Presidential Inaugural 4:40 committee action to Boris Eckstein 4:43 senior advisor Donald J Trump for 4:45 president Ashkenazi Jew even Feinberg 4:47 donor shop victory fund member jump 4:49 Economic Advisory Council Ashkenazi Jew 4:52 Louis think member president Trump 4:54 strategic and Policy Forum passionately 4:56 to Alan fishman chairman letter capital 4:59 Donald Trump second-largest lender 5:00 actually not eject chairman letter 5:02 capital done 5:03 the second-largest lender actually to 5:05 David treatment co-chairman is really 5:07 advisory committee to Donald Trump 5:08 United States ambassador to Israel 1992 5:10 Samuel box right Sherman victory 5:12 committee magnitude alan johnson 5:14 executive vice president and general 5:15 counsel the champ organization 5:17 passionate to prove guilt endorsing 5:19 Donald HR president actually 92 Michael 5:21 Blackson deputy campaign manager and 5:23 national political director final 5:24 chapter president special adviser 5:26 operations from presidential transition 5:27 team actually do effective as an energy 5:29 development organization action taken 5:31 Greenland executive vice president and 5:33 chief legal officer organization's 5:34 mission is really vibration technology 5:35 jobs but the special detective 5:37 international negotiations attitude in 5:39 tears for digital strategy manager 5:40 ability to present an attitude on the 5:42 exterior is sharing confidential novelty 5:44 going to comiccon enjoy your holiday 5:46 shopping specializes in political reform 5:48 ask you do con- my German confidential 5:50 and open ocean water heater number of 5:53 transportation policy for him not to do 5:54 shots clinic number wasn't possible 5:56 action for calico donor victory fund 5:59 action teacher Daniel Kowalski heavy 6:01 policy director battled HR president 6:03 member jump Economic Advisory Council 6:05 action 92 child cushion and go sir 6:07 Donald Trump for president donor make 6:09 America great again pack a continuation 6:11 senior advisor Donald J Trump for 6:13 president executive committee member 6:14 from presidential transition team 6:16 actually mathew lal krishna Ivanka 6:19 Trump's executive vice-president the 6:21 Trump Organization senior advisor Donald 6:23 Trump for president executive committee 6:24 member from presidential transition team 6:26 Orthodox Jewish been in limbo donor 6:29 truck victory fund nationality jus 6:31 richard lester member doesn't Trump 6:33 strategic and Policy Forum astronaut to 6:36 Ronald Lieberman executive vice 6:38 president of management and development 6:39 the Trump Organization prostitute Howard 6:42 Lorber donor from victory fund remember 6:44 Trump Economic Advisory Council 6:46 Ashkenazi Jew David malpass member jump 6:49 Economic Advisory Council actually not 6:51 teach you 6:52 Douglas Manchester donor make America 6:54 great again pack astronauts you Bernard 6:56 Marcus endorser Donald Trump for 6:58 president donor rebuilding America now 7:00 pack donor make America number one pack 7:03 astronauts you rebekah mercer donor make 7:06 America number one pack executive 7:07 committee member from presidential 7:08 transition team Ashkenazi Jew Robert 7:11 Mercer donor make America number one 7:13 package actually meet you Amanda Miller 7:15 vice president of marketing the Trump 7:17 Organization Ashkenazi Jew Eli Miller 7:19 chief operating officer Donald a chapter 7:22 president asked you not to do Jason 7:24 Miller senior communications advisor 7:25 Donald Trump for president 7:26 communications director John 7:28 presidential transition team 7:29 communications director and assistant to 7:31 the president the White House astronauts 7:33 you Steven Miller national policy 7:35 director Donald J Trump for president 7:36 national policy director some 7:38 presidential transition team senior 7:40 advisor to the president for Policy the 7:41 White House Ashkenazi to Stephen 7:44 management donor truck victory sons 7:46 member Trump Economic Advisory Council 7:48 national finance chairman Donald J Trump 7:50 for president executive committee member 7:52 jump presidential transition team 7:53 secretary united states department of 7:55 treasury Ashkenazi Jew Elon Musk member 7:58 president Trump strategic and Policy 8:00 Forum nationality to Daniel newburgh 8:02 former policy advisor Donald Trump for 8:05 president asked auntie juju David or 8:07 with senior vice president of 8:08 acquisitions and development the Trump 8:10 Organization Ashkenazi Jews Geoffrey 8:12 Palmer donor rebuilding America now pack 8:15 fashiontv austin donor some pictures on 8:17 this number jumped Economic Advisory 8:19 Council 1992 Louis another donor 8:21 chocolate refunded finance chairman Jung 8:23 Presidential Inaugural committee 8:24 astronaut you and replug to secretary 8:27 united states department of labor asking 8:28 me to do with our indoor sir donald 8:31 regional president a strategy 8:32 richardroberts by Chairman Israel 8:34 advisory committee for Donald Trump 8:35 national to do George Ross executive 8:37 vice president and senior counsel the 8:39 organization action will be lost in your 8:42 billionaire investor and former senior 8:43 managing director of child incorporated 8:45 for 25 years 8:45 Secretary of Commerce donor tropical Sun 8:48 remember Economic Advisory Council 8:49 secretary united states department of 8:51 commerce actually not to do Stephen 8:53 Lawson donor victory son number jump 8:55 Economic Advisory Council actually not 8:57 you chillin director of security the 8:59 Trump Organization nationality to 9:00 Stephen Schwarzman German President John 9:02 strategic and Policy Forum actually 9:04 teach you know the assembly 9:05 vice-chairman jumping through committee 9:07 finances Sherman confidential natural 9:09 committee Ashkenazi Jews the action 9:11 enjoy sir Donald Trump for president and 9:13 owner of victory Sunday 1992 mark short 9:16 senior advisor to vice president-elect 9:17 from presidential transition team is 9:19 connected to peter thiel in desert 9:21 Donald Trump for president donor victory 9:23 fund owner rebuilding American Outback 9:24 don't make America number one pack 9:26 exactly member from presidential 9:28 transition team 9:29 actually nothing to do with tropical 9:30 conditions which are present action RPG 9:32 Metatron there's a validation of 9:35 President astronaut c-27 warranty 9:37 remember that interested in policy forum 9:39 conf you mark weinberger member 9:41 president of strategic and Policy Forum 9:43 actually 90210 writer writes chairman 9:45 John bikini finance chairman from 9:47 Presidential Inaugural committee action 9:49 attitude and your wife executive 9:51 vice-president the Trump Organization 9:52 actually not teach you now my sober 9:54 executive vice president and chief 9:55 financial officer Trump Organization 9:57 nationality to lawrence Michener 9:58 advisors Donald Trump for president 10:00 monson asking you 10:01 Steven Berkoff donor victory fund 10:03 actually how to do even win financial 10:06 determine from Presidential Inaugural 10:07 committee actually nothing to Richard's 10:09 the track donor jump victory Ashkenazi 10:13 Jews Daniel Yergin remember doesn't run 10:16 strategic and Policy Forum Ashkenazi 10:18 Jews all these links to that entire 10:22 video by truth media revolution and i 10:24 find it really really convenient that 10:27 after he made this video his channel got 10:29 attacked and threaten to be sued 10:31 do you see what happens you see what's 10:33 really going on 10:35 you see with donald trump's main goal is 10:38 and who his backers are he's totally 10:40 surrounded him with people that are not 10:42 americans for someone that keeps yelling 10:44 America first and that they want to 10:46 eradicate the Muslim population think 10:49 about this think about this this is all 10:53 a trick he didn't he didn't overcome the 10:56 elites one man could never overcome the 10:58 elites because he doesn't have the money 10:59 the power and the people to do it is the 11:03 Trump by were being played rich even 11:06 Boston all links will be in the 11:08 description amount

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