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Gerald Celente - The Sacrifice Of Blood

"The largest Chinese takeover of Smithfield Foods, Barack Obama's United Nations speech full of lies & Rouhani, president of Iran says: "Yes to peace, no to war". So who's the real threat to the world?"



Fed Maintains $85 Billion Pace of Monthly Asset PurchasesFederal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said further gains in the U.S. labor market are needed for the central bank to consider reducing its record monetary easing.

"Obviously, there has been improvement," he said at a news conference in Washington today after the Fed decided to leave the pace of asset purchases unchanged at $85 billion a month. "One thing we would need is to make sure that this is not a temporary improvement."

The Fed, seeking to boost the pace of growth and heal a job market still scarred by the deepest recession since the Great Depression, also said today it will leave its key interest rate near zero as long as unemployment remains above 6.5 percent and the outlook for inflation is less than 2.5 percent.

DEBORAH TAVAREZ ~ The End of "free will" as we have known it

The End of "free will" as we have known it ◦ Deborah Tavarez w/ Radio Liberty 9.17.2013

The MAP - the end of "free will" as we have known it . . Information from the White House website . . . THIS IS REAL The image (Map) is from the White House website and the technologies and methodologies are described in the NASA - Future of War Circa 2001 and additional comments are contributed by Dr. A. True Ott . . . We are continuing with further investigation on this and if you know anyone that can contribute please contact us . . Comments that follow are from Dr.A True Ott - You know what the NASA War document outlines. You know the "silent weapon" document. I know the DIGITAL GWEN signals - and I know without a doubt the specific harmonics needed for mass mind control. Do you know what the "X-Factor" to their pulsed ELF (extra-low-frequency) mind control happens to be? Something called NEGATIVE OXYGEN IONS. Let me try to sum up in 6th grade language. The oxygen we breath is composed of two oxygen molecules bound together. If the oxygen molecule is stripped of electrons, it becomes POSITIVELY charged. Conversely, if there are EXTRA electrons attached to the oxygen, it becomes NEGATIVELY charged. STUDY after STUDY after STUDY on this (largely by DARPA, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and CIA MK Ultra) during the 60's and 70's showed that humans breathing negative oxygen ions have markedly better cognitive reasoning skills, are much less likely to be mind-controlled on a massive scale, and more importantly - are much more physically healthy. Negatively-charged oxygen ions are vitally important for healthy humans. Now you must understand that the PRIMARY SOURCE of negative oxygen ion GENERATION is the seashore. The waves of the salty surf crashing onto the coastline rocks and sand 24/7 generate MASSIVE NEGATIVE IONS OF OXYGEN - which in turn supplies the entire nation with what can best be described as "good vibrations" (sorry Beach Boys!) Prevailing winds then circulate the negatively charged oxygen ions throughout the nation. What strikes me immediately is the fact that these DIGITAL WAVE SIGNALS as shown on the map, are specifically only heavily concentrated along America's coastlines, and nowhere else. It appears to me as if TPTB are seeking to electromagnetically strip electrons from the air. I can see no other reason for this, frankly. The net result will, to me, simply result in a much more chemically depressed national population - and viola - a much more easily mind-controlled nation. "Removing the harmful POSITIVELY CHARGED IONIZATION (which has negative effects on human emotions) from the air we breathe ---" Positively charged oxygen disrupts brain functions and causes emotions of hostility, anger, and even depression . . . Every element on the periodic table is classed by its ELECTRON molecular orbit. For instance, Hydrogen is element #1 on the table because it has one single electron. Oxygen is number 8 - NORMALLY the gas has 8 electrons. The air that we breath is actually O2. It is composed of two oxygen molecules bound together. O3 - O8 is called OZONE. When O combines with another O molecule, it can either attract EXTRA electrons, or it can be stripped of its normal 16 (8X2) electron orbit. When that happens, the O2 POLARITY is altered. If it gains an electron, the O2 becomes NEGATIVELY CHARGED. Conversely when it loses an electron, the air we breathe becomes POSITIVELY CHARGED. Positively charged oxygen disrupts brain functions and causes emotions of hostility, anger, and even depression. Negatively charged oxygen has been shown to promote emotions of peace, harmony, and tranquility typically. Hope that helps explain how it all works. True Ott

MICHAEL SAVAGE Goes Off on Obama Negotiating With The Iranian President

Michael Savage Attacks Obama Negotiating With Iranian President, History Repeating Itself - 9/27/13

9/27/13 - The Savage Nation - Michael Savage Attacks Obama Negotiating With Iranian President, History Repeating Itself

JESSE VENTURA Reveals Shocking JFK Info in New Book

Jesse Ventura Reveals Shocking JFK Info in New Book

Jesse Ventura brings you the ultimate compendium that covers every angle—from the plot to the murder of JFK.
Alex talks with the former governor of Minnesota and US Navy SEAL, Jesse Ventura. Jesse's latest book is They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JKF.

STEVE QUAYLE ~ Current Events & Global Turmoil

Current Events & Global Turmoil

Stephen Quayle is the author of five books. For over thirty years, he has been investigating ancient civilizations, giants, UFOs and biological warfare as they relate to the future of mankind. Stephen discusses the coming worst-case scenarios approaching this world and how they interrelate to each other. Earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear and biological terrorism, coupled with the planned financial meltdown of the U.S. dollar will thrust us into unimagined tribulations. Stephen Quayle is on record as stating that we have moved from the realm of natural threats into the arena of supernaturally guided events of the unseen hand of evil orchestrating world events of unfathomable proportions.

Steve Quayle offered commentary on current events and global turmoil. There are many disruptive earth changes all converging this month such as volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and fires, he said, adding that the quakes in Colorado and the East Coast were rather anomalous. Strange sounds or hums have been heard in Kiev, as well as in Colorado before the quake, and he connected them with the possible use of what he called "shockwave weapons." There's a lot of manipulation going on, and "there is technology that can not only steer or direct hurricanes, but can initiate volcanoes and earthquakes," according to two former Secretaries of Defense

The New World Order has a goal to depopulate the planet, possibly using contagions, as well as a plan to sink the economy, he said, adding that both the Euro and US dollar are going to be heavily devalued. He also talked about Henry Gruver's vision of an invasion of America by the Russians. Further, Quayle said that his sources told him there could be a devastating EMP attack on the US that will occur between 9/11/11 and 11/11/11.

ALEX JONES ~ This is the Greatest Time In Human History...But Get Ready for HELL on EARTH

Alex Jones warns America to get ready for the cost of living under Obamacare and allowing
these tyrannical thugs to rule over us.

Most Americans are lazy. Too lazy to get off their butt to fight the takeover of their Healthcare. Sure, they pick up the phone and make a couple of phone calls. Some may even email Reps and Senators . But to actually go to an event like this, not many will go. But I guarantee you they will gripe and complain and moan and groan about Obamacare and post comments and articles on Facebooktelling how bad the bill is.

BENJAMIN FULFORD : Gold is just a yellow metal that you cannot eat, September 23, 2013

Ben Fulford: Gold is just a yellow metal that you cannot eat, September 23, 2013

Ben Fulford, The New World Order has been defeated but the Old World Order is still fighting In a massive story where truth becomes stranger than fiction, a huge coverup of global proportions has been verified as fact, with terms and names that would be recognized by most conspiracy theorists.So is the latest news that Fulford was kidnapped by the CIA recently, true too? Is he still missing? How bizarre..
.We are all being SET up !!! TRUST no man Benjamin Fulford had a interview with David Rockefeller . You cant have a interview with David Rockefeller if you're not a insider


Government Shutdown? - Peter King (R-NY) Goes After Ted Cruz (R-TX) & Calls Him A Phony - O'Reilly

Shut it down see who it hurt's the most , How about no one will go to work until WE THE PEOPLE GET OUR WAY FOR A CHANGE. I owe no one their healthcare. I had to WORK AND PAY FOR MINE LET THEM DO THE SAME. Set up government hospitals and hire Doctors for the freebees.Totally Agree! SHUT IT DOWN! We have State Government, that We The People CAN Control! By Force if need be!

"We're Not Some Banana Republic, This Is Not A Deadbeat Nation"

I was wondering if this power outage in NY today was test of taking the system down. Whatever false flag they intend it has to be done in a way that it can be blamed for the financial collapse. I'm thinking an EMP over New England and blame it on a CME "caused" by ISON. I see predictive programming in the news for that scenario. We will find out soon.

WEBSTER TARPLEY ~ The Elite Plan for Global Extermination FULL VIDEO

Webster Tarpley & Elite's Plan for Global Extermination FULL VIDEO

This interview conclusively exposes scientific elite's true agenda, world-wide genocide and the formation of a global government to rule. Historian and author Webster Tarpley exposes how White House science advisor John P. Holdren, who infamously co-wrote a 1977 textbook in which he advocated the formation of a “planetary regime” that would use a “global police force” to enforce totalitarian measures of population control, including forced abortions, mass sterilization programs conducted via the food and water supply, as well as mandatory bodily implants that would prevent couples from having children, is a Malthusian fanatic in the tradition of the arcane anti-human ideology that originated amongst British aristocracy in the 19th century. Holdren calls himself a “neo-Malthusian” in his own book, and as Tarpley explains, is a historical pessimist who has rejected the idea that America and humanity as a whole can progress through ingenuity, industry and economic growth. Instead, Holdren sees humankind as a cancer upon the earth. Holdren wants to set up a “Science Court,” where potential developments could be blocked by government decree if they don’t conform to the planned society necessary under Holdren’s “planetary regime”. He also seeks to institute “de-development” worldwide to prevent the third world from ever lifting itself out of poverty and roll things back to “pre-industrial civilization” where average life spans would not be much more than 30 years. TheAlexJonesChannel Holdren’s co-author, Paul Ehrlich, is a discredited crank who wrote books in the 70′s claiming that England would not exist as a land mass by the year 2000 because of climate change. As Tarpley explains, Ehrlich’s warning of a “population bomb” has proven incorrect, with population in Europe, Japan and the United States falling when immigration is removed from the equation. .Webster Tarpley

Historian and President of Washington Grove Institute, a think tank in Washington D.C, Webster Tarpley, discussed the conspiratorial mindset, and shared his intriguing analysis of current geopolitical and historical situations. More and more people are turning toward conspiracies because the "official story" behind such events as 9-11 and the JFK assassination are unbelievable or fantastic, he said. Tarpley doesn't consider himself a conspiracy theorist, but a seeker of truth, though he admitted that the uncovering of facts in many instances often does point to conspiracies. We live in an oligarchy run by financiers, and they often do conspire together for shared goals, he noted, adding that they compose a shadow government that secretly rules the US, intersecting with people at the State Dept., the CIA, and perhaps the Treasury and the Federal Reserve.

Tarpley spoke about his forthcoming book about Pearl Harbor and the assassination of FDR. We're told a lot of fakery about Roosevelt like he provoked Japan, and that he kept his Naval Admirals in the dark, but the opposite was true, he said. Further, a group of Wall St. Republicans that FDR put in control of the Pentagon wanted a defeat to weaken FDR in the postwar world, and Churchill knew the time and place of the Pearl Harbor attack but kept quiet in order to draw the US into the war, he continued. Roosevelt was poisoned by a female Russian painter in April 1945, Tarpley claimed, and Stalin reportedly told FDR's son "your father was poisoned/murdered by the Churchill gang."

Tarpley also commented on current situations in France, China, and Russia, as well as Syria and Libya, two countries that he visited during recent turmoils. America can get out of its economic woes by seizing control of the Federal Reserve, and stop using it to give 0% loans to bankers and financial interests, and instead give these loans with a hundred year maturity to the states, who could then start massive infrastructure rebuilding projects, he argued.
Webster Griffin Tarpley is a philosopher of history who seeks to provide the programs and strategies needed to overcome the current world crisis. As an activist historian he first became widely known for his book George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), a masterpiece of research which is still a must read. Tarpley is a member of the "world anti-imperialist conference" Axis for Peace, of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and of a research Netzwerk of German 9/11 authors founded in September 2006. He is featured in the film, Zero: an investigation into 9/11 During 2008, he warned of the dangers of an Obama presidency controlled by Wall Street with Obama: The Postmodern Coup, The Making of a Manchurian Candidate and Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography. His interest in economics is reflected in Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Worst Financial Crisis in Human HistoryAgainst Oligarchy. He is currently completing a study of Pearl Harbor as an episode in Wall Street's war against President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the New Deal, and FDR's economic bill of rights. His books have appeared in Japanese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. From 1974 to 1984, he was a correspondent in central Europe, during which time he co-authored Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro (Who Killed Aldo Moro, 1978) a study of international terrorism. In 1979-80, he appeared as commentator for Teleradiosole, a television station in Rome. From 1984 to 1996, he was a correspondent in Washington DC. Tarpley is the co-author of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), which has sold 30,000 copies and remains the only critical biography of the former President. In 1997 he published an anthology entitled Against Oligarchy: Essays and Speeches 1970-1996. These books can be consulted on the internet at His 9/11 Synthetic Terror, the Bible of the 9/11 Truth Movement, has sold over 20,000 copies. His two books on Obama are virtually the only critical ones in print from a progressive viewpoint. Tarpley has lectured in numerous colleges and universities around the world. In 1995 he was named a consultant to the Universal Ecological Academy of Moscow. He holds an MA from Skidmore College and a Ph.D. in history from the Catholic University of America. Webster Tarpley's talk show World Crisis Radio is now broadcast on the Genesis World Report on GCNLive Free Internet Streaming Radio, Saturdays, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Eastern (1-3 Central, 11-1 Pacific), all 4 networks.

The Alex Jones Show : Jesse Ventura - Friday, September 27, 2013 (Full Show)

The Alex Jones Show - Friday, September 27, 2013 (Full Show): Jesse Ventura

On this Friday, September 27 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the partisanship follies in the district of criminals as a shut down of government looms and an effort to derail Obamacare gains momentum in the House. Alex also covers Seymour Hersh's claim that the Osama bin Laden raid is a lie and he details a government forewarning to family members about the bloody terrorist attack on the Westgate Mall in Kenya. On today's show, Alex talks with the former governor of Minnesota and US Navy SEAL, Jesse Ventura. Jesse's latest book is They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK.

RUSH LIMBAUGH Hits Senate Chaplain for Squeezing 'Leftist Agenda' Into Prayer

9/27/13 - Rush Limbaugh lamented Friday how nothing is sacred from the "leftist agenda" anymore, even the Senate prayer. Senate chaplain Barry Black made the following remarks in today's prayer that caught Limbaugh's attention. Keep us from shackling ourselves with the chains of dysfunction. Use our senators today to serve your purposes for this generation, making them ever mindful of their accountability to you. Lord, deliver us from governing by crisis, empowering us to be responsible stewards of your bounty.
Black did not invoke anyone personally, but that didn't stop Limbaugh from turning the tables to accuse President Obama and the Democrats being the real ones to blame for "governing by crisis."

He said if the U.S. really wants to get away from that, "we would get rid of the Democrat party" because "they are the ones who create crisis after crisis after crisis."

Obama's Secret Trade Deal

While the Constitution says that any treaties - agreements made with foreign nations - have to be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate - the president and virtually all the Republicans in Congress - along with a goodly number of loyal Democrats - want to go around that. Instead of calling it a treaty they're calling it an agreement - so that instead of two-thirds of the Senate it will require only a 51% vote of both Houses of Congress. Opposition to the TPP is growing - and last weekend activists took to the streets of Washington DC to protest. Veterans for peace - CODEPINK - Earth First! - the Backbone Campaign - and a group called Flush The TPP marched on the offices of the US trade Representative - which is helping secretly negotiate this job-killing deal. Opposition across the country to the TPP is rising - and both Democrats and Republicans have been curiously silent about it - ((ADVANCE)) other than those few members of Congress who are willing to print out that even they don't have access to the negotiations. Get ready. When President Obama dumps the TPP on Congress and asks for a fast-track up-or-down vote with no amendments - there is going to be a lot of political pressure - from corporations on the Republicans - and from the Democratic Party on Democrats - to pass it. You may want to let your member of Congress know your thoughts on the issue in advance.

America Outsourcing everything as they go bust (26Sept13)

Presenter Thom Hartman discusses how America is outsourcing more and more production for some financial return, while manufacturing etc. collapses in the US, and there won't be anyone left in a job to buy the stuff that's been outsourced.

Recorded from RT HD, The Big Picture with Thom Hartman, 26 September 2013.

ISON Warning! It's Not Nibiru.... but So What?

ISON Warning!!! Not Nibiru but Still Disastrous???

TIc Toc People... Always keep working on stockpiles and plans.

Sorry for the Rush Job... we feel that ISON is a monster comet and it comes from the same sector as all the Kreutz comets... We feel that Large Brown Dwarf is coming out of Aquarius if it is real. Solar wind, periodicity of quakes and flares support Aquarius theory.

Kenyan Mall Hoax The Camera Man Can - Max Malone

This is obviously faked. Africans are emotional, so they knew how to best override their common sense. Come on, how does a camera man have the skill to take perfect shots of a woman and her three children hiding from terrorists?!! Think people, think!! Sandy Hook massacre even has video clips of the actors prepping to go into character. This was staged because they are pressuring everyone to bend over and accept the UN Gun Grab!

Max Malone is a true leader in the truth movement he is a painful sore in the eyes of the NWO. If you need help with your critical thinking skills Max is the man you want to listen to. It all started with the staged mass shootings Columbine was their warmup before massive funding increase with the creation of the DHS. Nobody dies or gets hurt in these drills the public is being deceived on a mass scale it's time to wake people. RESISTANCE IS VICTORY

Current Economic Collapse News -- News Brief -- Episode 169

In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people.

US Debates on changing spying programme

In a rare public hearing, U.S. lawmakers have been debating how to change the National Security Agency's vast spying program. There's been outrage both in the US and abroad, after surveillance details were leaked by former security contractor, Edward Snowden. Al Jazeera's Kimberly Halkett reports.

Where is the Outrage about the Obama UN Speech?

You all need to listen to this yourself. There is so much I didn't cover, but I am really wondering; where is the outrage? Few object because most are brushing with, drinking, eating, bathing & showering FLUORIDE it is Rat Poison & damages the brain & its ability to think or even care to think as in critical thinking, makes one a disinterested tired couch potato that doesn't even care the govt is screwing them. George Carlin "Your Owners" is a great one as is "You are a Slave" Wake up America for all it takes is for Good Men to do nothing for the Evil Power Hungry Ones to take over, so you can kiss yo ass goodbye. HELLO
“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” Henry Kissinger

once a standing army is established, in any country, the people lose their liberty.”
George Mason

“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”
Henry Kissinger

“If you are an ordinary person, then you can prepare yourself for war by moving to the countryside and building a farm, but you must take guns with you, as the hordes of starving will be roaming. Also, even though the elite will have their safe havens and specialist shelters, they must be just as careful during the war as the ordinary civilians, because their shelters can still be compromised.”
Henry Kissinger

"We don't let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?" Joseph Stalin

The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
Joseph Stalin

Governments keep a lot of secrets from their people . . .
Why aren't the people in return allowed to keep secrets
from the government?


“Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism.”

Rabbi Stephen Weiss

“Anti-Communism is Anti-Semitism.”
Jewish Voice, July - August 1941

Taxing People is Punishing Success

There's the rich, the poor, and the tax payers...also known as the middle class. Robert Kiyosaki

The Tax you pay is The Bill for Staying Stupid

Stefan Molyneux

“The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is, perhaps, the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banks can in fact inflate, mint and un-mint the modern ledger-entry currency.” Major L L B Angus

The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or so dependent on its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system will bear its burdens without complaint and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.
The Rothschild Bros

"Debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages must be foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When, through a process of law, the common people lose their homes they will become more docile and more easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of government, applied by a central power of wealth under control of leading financiers.

This truth is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of Capital to govern the world.

By dividing the voters through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance. Thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves what has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished."

USA Banker's Magazine, August 25 1924

Cutting Tax Rates stimulates Economic Growth creates more Profit , more Jobs and therefore The Treasury ends up with more Tax Money

Taxation is legalized Theft

"The Objective of the Bank is not the control of a conflict , it's the control of the debt that a conflict produces . The real value of a conflict , the true value is in the debt that it creates . You control the debt , you control everything . this is THE VERY ESSENCE OF THE BANKING INDUSTRY , to make us all , whether we be nations or individuals , SLAVES TO DEBT " An UNKNOWN Banker

Patriotism is the last refuge... to which the scoundrel clings .... Steal a little and they throw you in jail ..steal a lot and they make you king ....

Bob Dylan

"Corporations are stealing billions in tax breaks, while the confused, screwed citizenry turn on each other. International corporations have no national allegiance, they care only for profit." Robert Reich

There is NO political answer to a spiritual problem!
Steve Quayle

litical Correctness is a Political Stand Point that does not allow Political Opposition , This is actually The Definition of Dictatorship
Gilad Atzmon

The modern definition of racist is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal
Peter Brimelow

When People lose everything and have nothing left to lose , They Lose It !


Your Greatest Teacher is Your Last Mistake

The one who Controls the Education System , Controls Perception

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."

Albert Einstein

In The Left Nothing is Right & in The Right nothing is Left

No man escapes when freedom fails; The best men rot in filthy jails. And those that cried 'Appease! Appease!' Are hanged by those they tried to please

Freedom is not Free

Don't Steal The Government Hates The Competition

Ron Paul

"Buy The Rumor , Sell The Fact " Peter Schiff

You can love your Country and not your Government

Jesse Ventura

" The Government Works for ME , I do not answer to them They Answer to ME "
Glenn Beck

"Tyranny will Come to Your Door in a Uniform "
Alex Jones

"The Government is not The Solution to our Problems , The Government is The Problem "

Ronald Reagan

"The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." Plato

The world is a tragedy to those that feel, and a comedy to those that think...Beppe Grillo

"The people should not fear the government for it is the government who should fear the people" UNKNOWN

"If You are looking for solutions to the world's problems , look in the Mirror , You Are The Solution , You have the power as a human being on this planet " UNKNOWN

"They don't control us , We empower them " UNKNOWN

"Serial Killers do on a Small Scale What Governments do on a large one..."

Serial Killer Richard Ramirez

There is a Class War going on in America, & unfortunately, my class is winning." Warren Buffet

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Thomas Jefferson

"College is a waste of Money"
Albert Einstein

Schools manufacture people who think that they're smart but they're not.
Robert Kiyosaki

Education is what you learn after you leave School
Robert Kiyosaki

" ‏Schools were designed to create employees for the big corporations."
Robert Kiyosaki

"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey, he is obligated to do so" Thomas Jefferson

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism
Thomas Jefferson

“True education makes you feel stupid. It makes you realize you have so much more to learn.” Robert Kiyosaki

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching." - Gerard Way

"Aspire not to have More but to be More "

The losers in life think they have all the answers. They can’t learn because they’re too busy telling everyone what they know.
Robert T. Kiyosaki ‏

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again. -This time more intelligently." Henry Ford

What You Own Owns You

If you expect the government to solve your problems, you have a problem. Robert Kiyosaki

"Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security." Benjamin Franklin

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Always trust someone who is seeking the truth , never trust someone who found it" Jordan Maxwell

Be The Change you want to see in The World

Failure inspires winners but defeats losers
Robert Kiyosaki ‏

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people” A Chinese Proverb

"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me." UNKNOWN

Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Morpheus The Matrix 1999